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Understand what age group Chinese are referring to - Chinese version of "7 ages of a man"

In Shakespeare's "As You Like It", there's one famous play called "Seven ages of a man". In that play, the seven stages in a man's life was vividly summarized and expressed.

Do you know in Chinese culture, there's one unique name for each age group that you can use to refer to the age without explicitly stating the number.


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3 "important" Chinese idioms - learn how "重" zhòng is used

zhòng usually means "heavy, important, or powerful". In the following three Chinese idioms,  zhòng is used for different meanings. Please pay attention to what exactly  zhòng is used for, and at the same…


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Why "Chinese Richest People List" was nicknamed as "Pig's Blacklist" - 杀猪榜 shā zhū bàng

Have you ever heard about Hurun's List (Chinese Richest People List)? It's the most famous rich people list in China. Then do you know why it is nicknamed as Pig's Blacklist (“杀猪榜 (shā zhū bàng)” ) by Chinese? 

It all comes from a famous Chinese expression 人怕出名猪怕壮 (rén pà chū míng zhū pà zhuàng). 出名 (chū míng) means getting famous. Literally it means “People dread fame as much as pigs dread being strong.” It can also be translated as “Great honors are…


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