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Learn Chinese through American Idol -- Who do you think will win the 2012 American Idol?

Learn Chinese - How to say - May I please ask who do you predict will win American Idol 2012?


qǐngwèn nǐ yùcè shéi huì yíngdé èr líng yī èr nián Měiguó ǒuxiàng ?

qǐngwèn ( 请 qǐng means please, 问 wèn means ask, qǐngwèn means may I please ask) nǐ (你 pronoun, you) yùcè (预测 verb, predict) shéi (谁 question pronoun, who) huì (会auxiliary verb, will) yíng (赢…


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How to say Mother's Day in Mandarin Chinese & the origin of the carnation flower name

What is the perfect flower for Mother's Day? Carnations!

To celebrate this special holiday, don't forget to buy your mom a bouquet of carnations; if the cost is too great, then, draw her a card full of carnations then :)

(photo credit …


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Mayday's music video for "Cheers" - "Gan Bei"

What a life is all about, you can find it inside this song. One of the great songs from Mayday.

For Chinese lyrics, pinyin and English translation see

Cheers Mayday

Watch the video "Cheers" embedded below or on youtube …


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