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美国NASA第一个太空任务飞从地球到月球 - US NASA's first space mission from the Earth to the Moon


这是John F Kennedy图书博物馆的交互的太空网页。可以看到,学习Apollo 11号的十一个阶段飞从地球到月球。


zhè shì <John F Kennedy> túshū bówùguǎn de jiāohù de tàikōngwǎngyè. kěyǐ kàn dào, xuéxí <Apollo> shíyī hào de shíyī ge jiēduàn fēi cóng dìqiú dào yuèqiú.


This is the interactive website of the John F Kennedy Library and Museum. You can see and learn about the Apollo 11's 11…


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amusing: sign in alphabetical order (by pinyin)

via @isaac,

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I just read an article in The Atlantic:

What's the Best Language-Learning Technology Out There?


In the comments many readers suggested language learners watch TV shows (often dramas) to study the target foreign language.


Does anyone have suggestions on a good show to watch to study Chinese?




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