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Methods for Memorizing Characters

Learning Chinese is a lot about memorization and repetition. This actually seems to be a central component of Chinese culture. In the past, scholars would memorize the Confucian classics, actually memorize entire books. Students of calligraphy would write characters thousands of times, and the repetition is not just limited to language learning. In Chinese martial arts, students practice patterns of movements thousands of times, until movements seamlessly flow into each…


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Is studying Chinese hard?

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Ben from Learn Chinese Now, YouTube's premier learning Chinese channel (well at least that is how I describe it!)

I would like to answer a question that I get asked a lot: "Is learning Chinese hard?" I have been studying Chinese for 7 years, and 4 of those years were spent studying full time in University. In this time I have formed the following opinion on the question.

Learning Chinese is not hard, as long as you are really…


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