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Calling all Chinese Cartoonists! Please help out with my research!

I am an American doing my Master's Degree at University of Leeds in the UK.  I'm doing my final research paper on What Inspires Chinese Cartoonists?  Where does their inspiration come from?  If you are a Chinese cartoonist or know one, can you help me out by answering this simple survey? THANK YOU!



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New Chinese Internet Word: Are you a 屌丝 Diǎo sī?


User summary " Diǎo sī " features


● Height: 1 meter 68 is the limit;


● income: first-tier cities of more than 2,000 yuan (1 yuan is about $ 0.159, the same below), the second-tier line of not more than $ 1,500; …


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Learn Your Execution Chinese: Interviews on death row have become China's new TV hit

YouKu VIDEO Included: face-to-face interviews with the prisoners, who have often committed especially gruesome crimes. Her subjects sit in handcuffs and leg chains, guarded by warders. She hectors the prisoners about the violent details of their crimes and eventually wrings apologies out of them.…


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Viral in China: "Touching Japanese 6 year old's letter to his late father" 我和爸爸的便当盒

Dad passed away three years later, I became a first grade students.  One thing to the father to report that, but I think that the father must know: I borrow yourlunch box.  

爸爸因病去世三年之后,我成了一名小学一年级学生。 有件事要向爸爸汇报一下,但是我想,爸爸也一定知道了:我借用了您的便当盒。 

Bà ba yīn bìng qùshì sān nián zhīhòu, wǒ chéngle yī míng xiǎoxué yī niánjí xuéshēng. 

Yǒu jiàn shì yào xiàng bà ba huìbào yīxià, dànshì wǒ xiǎng, bà ba yě yīdìng zhīdàole: Wǒ jièyòngle nín de biàndang hé. …


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Story Behind the Comic: Our "F-My Life" Joke

A while back we did this comic that I found on the site called "F my life" which I don't think I need to translate for any of the native English speakers out there.

But I thought it captured a certain aspect of Chinese culture and also it was a very funny…

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Sign up for e-mail delivery get a FREE Chinese/English coloring book PDF!

HURRY! Finishes tonight at 11pm Eastern standard time!

That’s right folks. We’ve been having fun with these lately and I decided to collect 10 of them together and allow our fans and readers to get a FREE PDF. It’s only for a short time, the next 72 hours, so hurry and sign up. Where you might ask? Good question. The picture below shows you exactly where the sign up box is.…


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