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Fun with Chinese translators

Recently I was emailing with a Chinese friend and had to cancel plans because I was sick. I said:



wŏ găn mào - i caught a cold


Her response:


kĕ lián de jiā…


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How to remember "(to) experience" - 经验 - jīng yàn

Occasionally I invent my own stories to remember Chinese characters (汉字).

经 验 - jīng yàn - (and can add a de on the end to make experienced adjective).


Start with second character,…


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Starting with characters 汉字

Starting today with reading and writing some Chinese characters in class. We can barely make sentences, our pronunciation is awful (worse than Americans learning Spanish) and just remembering pinyin is a stretch. Maybe pictures will help us?

This is the book they told us to…

Added by Brandon on December 6, 2010 at 6:00pm — 2 Comments

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