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Basic Cantonese Phrases and other Rory Boland Posts on

UK born Irishman Rory Boland (   ) writes Hong Kong and Cantonese Blogs on his Blogsite HONG KONG MACAU TRAVEL on the website About,com.  Here are links to a few of them:

Basic Cantonese Phrases: 



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The Mandarin Words for Gifts and Good Manners

The site "Learn Chinese Weekly" has posted this Dec 25 related blog.  Learn Mandarin words for gifts, some seasonal greetings and the words expressing good and bad manners.  This is a very good site and even lists "Study More Chinese" as one of the recommended alternate Chinese learning site.



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eBook/TV Show Recommendations for Beginners


I have been studying Chinese for about five months now, and I am currently looking for some beginner eBooks or even some TV shows that would assist beginners putting Chinese into a social context during Christmas break. If anyone has any knowledge of TV shows, books, articles, etc that may help a beginner with this, I would love to hear them. Any ideas welcome.


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Beta Testing for FluentU iPhone App

Hi all, 

We're working on an app for learning Chinese through videos:

We're looking for people to help beta test our app. If you're interested, please sign up by clicking through the link above. 



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