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A Cooking Ingredients List from "Lily's Wai Sek Hong"

Lily's Wai Sek Hong ( lilysbest, ) has posted a very extensive and useful list of cooking ingredients in written Chinese and English.  This list can be used to help in understanding cooking videos seen on the internet that are in Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien or any other language that uses the written Chinese system.  { Only a maybe because all these languages ( and sub regions ) sometimes use their own words to describe things }.  The list can also be used as a vocabulary…


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Five Mandarin Greetings that are Not "Ni Hao"

Dave Flynn at    has posted an article on ways to say "hello: that are not "Ni Hao".

Follow the link:



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Rana Mitter - Oxford Professor of Chinese History - a new World Journal Article on his Books

As has been becoming increasingly well know, Oxford Professor of Chinese History Rana Mitter has written a current best seller released last fall 2013 entitled "Forgotten Ally: China's World War II, 1937 - 1945", available in ebook, paperback or hardcover.  Here is a link to the Amazon kindle page:



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On YangYang's Blog -- Ways to say Good Bye in Mandarin

Over on YangYang's Blog ( ) there is an article by   Julie Tha Gyaw  on different ways to say Good Bye  in Mandarin.  Check it out at this link:;     

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World Cup Words in Mandarin

I recently visited the easymandarin site and they had a great list of Mandarin Football ( soccer ) and World Cup words. See the list at this link:;

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Articles of Interest over on East Asian Student Net

I recently visited I site I have neglected to go on for probably 1 year.  That was a big mistake not reading the excellent articles posted at this excellent site.   Here are the first 4 articles I read.

The first article I read was the book review of "Tuttle Reading and Writing Chinese" and, having read about 1/2 of this book, I totally agreed with the review.

The second article I read was "China to…


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Top Member articles on the Informal Chinese Interjections

Nicole Yin has authored 2 articles over on that should be looked at by most Chinese learners.  These articles are about the Informal Chinese Interjections ( that you are sometimes hearing while at a Chinese eatery, supermarket or watching a Chinese movie ).

   Part 1: …


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Hi, guys, i'm here!

Whats good you guys? i'm living in china now!!! HAHAHAH, i'm happy and be suprise! My boss has give me a mission to create a new store in china, so i'm here!! lol, i thinks i can learn chinese more!! And I'm going to travel with my family in this …


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Habit hacking for language learners

This post is an excerpt from Hacking Chinese - Read the full article here:

The longer I learn Chinese (and anything else, actually) the more convinced I become that the minimum study time matters much more than the maximum study time. In other words, I prefer to study a little bit all the time rather than go…


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Job Prospects in China - Good or Bad?

Hey Everyone,

I recently posted something about job prospects in China, called "Opportunity in the Land of Pollution", but feel like there is much more to the story than this. After posting, I looked at the actual numbers concerning employment for foreigners in China, and it looks pretty normal, if not grim. Basically, I found reports of bias, superior industry…


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What is the Secret to Speaking Better Chinese?

Excerpt from ChinaCultureCorner:

Many Westerners in China have a love-hate relationship with the Chinese language. No matter whether learning for professional for personal reasons, Westerners all over China and abroad attempt to improve their Chinese language skills on a daily basis but to no avail. Despite having studied Chinese for many years it is common many…


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Words like 干嘛 and 大不了 that are a bit confusing

Hey guys, I recently wrote a post about some terms that confused me when I was beginning, primarily because they were rooted in cultural meaning that was not translatable. After writing it, I started thinking that there must be many more out there, would any of you like to add to the list I have started?


Check what I mean here -> …


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Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year?

The other day I was feeling a bit nostalgic and I started thinking about my experience last year in Taiwan, and the shock I felt when I learned that the Lunar New Year had some actual significance beyond partying. So I was inspired to research a bit more about the upcoming Lunar New Year, and found a bunch of things I didn't know about, and this compelled me to blog about my "western" perspective to help others learn more about a holiday that is so important to so many others.

But I'm…


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HSK On the Brain

I'm set to take the HSK L5 test in April, and with that around the corner, I have been frantically searching for study material. I cam across the HelloHSK website featured in the link below... check it out, hopefully it'll help you too!

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Basic Cantonese Phrases and other Rory Boland Posts on

UK born Irishman Rory Boland (   ) writes Hong Kong and Cantonese Blogs on his Blogsite HONG KONG MACAU TRAVEL on the website About,com.  Here are links to a few of them:

Basic Cantonese Phrases: 



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The Mandarin Words for Gifts and Good Manners

The site "Learn Chinese Weekly" has posted this Dec 25 related blog.  Learn Mandarin words for gifts, some seasonal greetings and the words expressing good and bad manners.  This is a very good site and even lists "Study More Chinese" as one of the recommended alternate Chinese learning site.



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eBook/TV Show Recommendations for Beginners


I have been studying Chinese for about five months now, and I am currently looking for some beginner eBooks or even some TV shows that would assist beginners putting Chinese into a social context during Christmas break. If anyone has any knowledge of TV shows, books, articles, etc that may help a beginner with this, I would love to hear them. Any ideas welcome.


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Beta Testing for FluentU iPhone App

Hi all, 

We're working on an app for learning Chinese through videos:

We're looking for people to help beta test our app. If you're interested, please sign up by clicking through the link above. 



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Looking for language exchange - I'm a native chinese-speaker

If encountered some problems in Chinese, I can help u, and is free.

Hope chatting with u on skype, my name on skype is "bg6rrn".


My English is ok, and I graduated from college, I'll try my best to help u.

Besides, I have a lot of spare time.


Added by Jim Wu on November 30, 2013 at 7:30pm — 5 Comments

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Who is General Yue Fei ?

If you have seen the names Yue Fei or General Yue Fei or/and are curious about the Chinese history  of 1000 years ago, then this is an exciting article for you ( from January 2008 web site ):


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