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Comparing language courses: Private vs Group vs Online Lessons

Learning a new language is always a fun challenge. There are varying ways a learner can embark upon a language course, whether they are a complete beginner or have previous knowledge. How do you know which style of learning is for you? Here's the lowdown on the types of language courses available.

Private Learning:

Private learning with a tutor is ideal for anyone leading a busy life. The flexibility of a…


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Chinese People and Western TV Shows - An Article posted at Yoyo Chinese Blog

Michael Hurwitz over at "Yoyo Chinese The Official Blog" has written a fine article ( in English ) about some of the US/UK TV shows that are now popular in China. 

"Thanks to the advent of Chinese streaming services like Sohu and Youku, it’s easier than ever for Chinese fans to watch their favorite foreign TV shows.

While pirated versions have been available online for years, lately Western content providers have struck…


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Taiwan Mandarin versus Beijing Mandarin - A Starter Kit

A May 29, 2014  article over at "The World of Chinese" Internet Site by  Keoni Everington (华武杰) does a good job of scratching the surface of the baffling differences between Taiwan Mandarin and Beijing Mandarin.  ( It may be relatively baffling probably only to the mostly European language based members of the SMC Site ).  Read the article and some of those unknown words you have heard in a Taiwanese movie or song may now make sense.  Here is the link:



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Olle Linge Points Out Problems With Listening to Chinese

Olle Linge over at has posted an article of the difficulties involved in listening and understanding what one hears in Mandarin. It is even worse in the real world where sometimes you must determine which language is being spoken and if the speaker is saying a word wrong or using a slang word or mixing languages.  It is not uncommon to hear sentences consisting of Mandarin, Cantonese and English all mixed together in some Chinatowns.



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