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An enlightening dream! (using Chinese)

I'm really new to learning Chinese. But I firmly believe that immersing yourself in the language helps a lot! So, before going to bed every night, I watch some Chinese TV shows (I tend to pick some game shows, because the things they talk about are quite day-to-day stuff). I have been hearing a lot of dà jiā hǎo (大家好) . I realised it was a greeting, but didn't exactly know what it was .. I just knew 你好 (nǐ hǎo) and 你们好 (nǐ men hǎo). Anyway, I didn't pay much attention to the greeting either.…


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My Daily Chinese Study Routine.

I posted this response to a question on Memrise about whether or not memorising vocab was enough to learn Chinese. So I thought I would share it here too :)

I have found the course really helpful. Before using memrise, my study was a bit haphazard and all over the place. But since supplementing my study with memrise, I have started learning chinese at a much faster pace. So my advice is stick with it and also supplement it with other forms of study.

I'll share my own…


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周末愉快! (Hardworking Cat)


Jiùsuàn zuì nǔlì de yuángōng yě xūyào piànkè de xiūxí. Zhù dàjiā zhōumò yúkuài!…


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Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

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中文搜索引擎 chinese search engine

中文搜索引擎 百度 zhong wen sou suo yin qing 'bai  du'

The popular chinese search engine is 百度 'bai du'

'sougou pinyin' chinese input software 搜狗拼音输入法 sou gou pin yin shu ru fa

I think this software is very useful and simply, free forever 

我认为这款软件(输入法)很好用,简单并且终身免费 wo --ren wei--zhe kuan--ruan jian( shu ru fa)--hen--hao yong,  jian dan, zhong shen --mian fei





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The Dragon Boat Festival - All the History, Customs, Activities You Must Know

So The Dragon Boat Festival. It's just a day where you have bunch of boats that look like dragons and you race them, right?

Wrong! There's actually so much more history and tradition behind this holiday, especially now that was officially recognized as a public holiday in 2008.

In case you're not totally up to speed on the customs or how this holiday even started, here's a basic crash course on the whats, whens and whys of this festival so you can…


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Is studying Chinese hard?

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Ben from Learn Chinese Now, YouTube's premier learning Chinese channel (well at least that is how I describe it!)

I would like to answer a question that I get asked a lot: "Is learning Chinese hard?" I have been studying Chinese for 7 years, and 4 of those years were spent studying full time in University. In this time I have formed the following opinion on the question.

Learning Chinese is not hard, as long as you are really…


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He Na of China Daily Reveals the Secret to Successful Transnational Marriages.

Though cultural differences and an alien environment are often cited as obstacles, many still firmly believe these are trivial things in the face of true love. No nationwide data is available on transnational marriages, but Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau said that 1,183 transnational couples got married in the city in 2012, with more than 1,100 tying the knot every year since 2008.  Never mind the cultural differences, He Na of China Daily reveals the secret to successful transnational…


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What is the Three Character Classic ?

The Three Character Classic, Trimetric Classic or San Zi Jing is one of the Chinese classic texts. It was probably written in the 13th century and attributed to Wang Yinglin (王應麟, 1223–1296) during the…


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三字经之解析篇 explanation for san zi jing



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Hot on Weibo: 白宫请愿网 Whitehouse petition website

白宫请愿网(We the People)近日爆红网络,各种靠谱不靠谱的“请愿“让人大跌眼镜,”请给我一个媳妇“,”请判定豆腐脑是咸的“,”请给我加工资“。网友调侃奥巴马即将被玩坏。白宫请愿网是美国总统奥巴马推行的,若有民众请愿在1个月内获得超过10万人签名,政府将对此进行官方回应


爆红:get famous/popular overnight

靠谱:probable, reasonable,…


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Who are the translators David Hawkes and Henry Bencraft Joly ?

Often when reading about the 18th-century novel by Cao Xueqin usually known as the Dream of the Red Chamber ( Hong Lou Meng ), which is regarded as one of the greatest works of traditional Chinese fiction, I see comments such as " the translation is not as good as the David Hawkes translation " or " not as bad as the translation by Henry Bencraft Joly."  Using Google I immediately found the Wiki page and an Obituary for David Hawkes…


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Google translation listener

I wanted to share with this community a browser script I wrote that allows you to listen to words in phrases in one language and then the translation in another. I use it to listen to Chinese translations.

To use this script you must have Greasemonkey on Firefox or Tampermonkey on Chrome, then click the green install button that appears top right of this link…


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Hot on Weibo: 四川雅安地震 earthquake in Sichuan province



北纬:north latitude

东经:east longitude




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Hot on Weibo: 待用快餐 suspended lunch

“待用快餐”概念来自于欧洲“待用咖啡”,部分就餐客人提前多买一两份饭,留给流浪汉低保户等困难人群,由店家发给询问 “待用快餐”的人。微博上发起的“待用快餐”活动,目前陕西已经有三家餐饮企业加入,河南有一家已经决定加入。


Official website: …


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There is a Chinese Page in the online Mythology Dictionary

Not as in depth as  Wiki but good for being another resource when confronted with an unknown Chinese Mythology reference is the Chinese Page in the online Mythology Dictionary at this link:  

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Which genre is best for you to improve your Chinese reading and listening?

Each one of us has a special taste for things that we love to read. There are so many genres that we could choose from when deciding on what to read in a language that we're learning, such as Chinese so to speak. I'm curious to know which genre you like best as far as learning Chinese is in…


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Hot on Weibo: 中国小吃之都排名 the best snacks cities of China





哗然一片:in an uproar

大江南北:idiom, across the country, literally on both…


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By Christina at FluentU -- How to Say some of the most Popular Beverages in Chinese

Christina at FluentU teaches us how to say some of the most popular beverages in Chinese at this link:      

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Hot on Weibo: H7N9禽流感 H7N9 avian influenza human infections




卫生厅:Department of…


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