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On YangYang's Blog -- Ways to say Good Bye in Mandarin

Over on YangYang's Blog ( yoyochinese.com ) there is an article by   Julie Tha Gyaw  on different ways to say Good Bye  in Mandarin.  Check it out at this link:


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World Cup Words in Mandarin

I recently visited the easymandarin site and they had a great list of Mandarin Football ( soccer ) and World Cup words. See the list at this link:


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Articles of Interest over on East Asian Student Net

I recently visited I site I have neglected to go on for probably 1 year.  That was a big mistake not reading the excellent articles posted at this excellent site.   Here are the first 4 articles I read.

The first article I read was the book review of "Tuttle Reading and Writing Chinese" and, having read about 1/2 of this book, I totally agreed with the review.

The second article I read was "China to…


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