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My Daily Chinese Study Routine.

I posted this response to a question on Memrise about whether or not memorising vocab was enough to learn Chinese. So I thought I would share it here too :)

I have found the course really helpful. Before using memrise, my study was a bit haphazard and all over the place. But since supplementing my study with memrise, I have started learning chinese at a much faster pace. So my advice is stick with it and also supplement it with other forms of study.

I'll share my own…


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周末愉快! (Hardworking Cat)


Jiùsuàn zuì nǔlì de yuángōng yě xūyào piànkè de xiūxí. Zhù dàjiā zhōumò yúkuài!…


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Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

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中文搜索引擎 chinese search engine

中文搜索引擎www.baidu.com 百度 zhong wen sou suo yin qing 'bai  du'

The popular chinese search engine is 百度 'bai du'

'sougou pinyin' chinese input software 搜狗拼音输入法 sou gou pin yin shu ru fa

I think this software is very useful and simply, free forever 

我认为这款软件(输入法)很好用,简单并且终身免费 wo --ren wei--zhe kuan--ruan jian( shu ru fa)--hen--hao yong,  jian dan, zhong shen --mian fei





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The Dragon Boat Festival - All the History, Customs, Activities You Must Know

So The Dragon Boat Festival. It's just a day where you have bunch of boats that look like dragons and you race them, right?

Wrong! There's actually so much more history and tradition behind this holiday, especially now that was officially recognized as a public holiday in 2008.

In case you're not totally up to speed on the customs or how this holiday even started, here's a basic crash course on the whats, whens and whys of this festival so you can…


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