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Red Detachment of Women ballet - Happy Female Soldier video

The NYtimes posted a video recently talking about how various Mao-era songs are on the upswing lately as the 90th anniversary of the party approaches.

Watch here: Red Nostalgia Rising


In the clip they referenced a ballet called Red…


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Chinese vocabulary for traveling to Thailand

The way to travel


Here is a short story of travel to Thailand in Chinese with some vocabulary, English translation and photos below.  Let me know if you have any questions.…


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Trip to Héféi and Lu Mountains

Here are some example sentences to explain the different uses of simple in Mandarin.
单纯 dānchún                    simple         
          tā zhǐshì gè dānchún de xiǎohái wǒ gāng zài tā fángjiān kāndào sèqíng zázhì
eg: he is a simple child.really? I just found porn magazine in his room
简单 jiǎndān                     simple
         zhè tài jiǎndān le nǐ shì…

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My day

Hi everyone,

I would like to offer help with Mandarin and I also hope that people can help to improve my written English. Thanks.


闹钟 nàozhōng                        alarm clock…


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Learn Chinese tones game from BBC

Here's a free online game for learning Chinese tones courtesy of the BBC.


The site has another game for


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Try out a Chinese Word of the Day by phone

Word of the Day has been done lots, of time, but I'm putting a different spin on it. 

It's a Chinese word of the day, but by telephone. You fill in a form and then my site will call you up. I'm looking for suggestions or comments on this feature.


Thanks in advance.

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Chinese short film "Winner" by Chopsticks Brothers on Youku - 赢家

Now for something different to mix up your Chinese learning, here is a short Chinese film (30 minutes) by the Chopsticks Brothers who have made some popular movies on Youku.  


The title is Winner (The Ultimate Winner) 赢家 - yíng jiā.…


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Chinese days of the week, months and other time expressions.

Hi everyone,

I'm gonna go over some time expressions in this post.


Now lets look at weekdays, it's pretty straight forward.

All you have to do is place a number after 'xingqi' to make the days of the week, except for sunday in which you add 'tian' or 'ri'.

Jīntiān Xīngqī jǐ? : What day is it…


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Telling Time in Chinese : Part 2!


Dà jiā hǎo!

This is part 2 of how to tell the time in Chinese. You can read part 1 here.    

Let's look at 'a.m.' and 'p.m.'

In Chinese we don't use those words but…


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