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Hello, I am Ewout, a former student of Bachelor China Studies. Now I still use Chinese sometimes for work, but mostly for fun. I would like to improve my basic, non-formal Chinese.

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韭菜螺肉(jiu3 cai4 luo2 rou)You can't miss this!



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A beautiful Chinese song translated






The shinest star of nightsky,whether you could hear out it clearly,

the loneliness and the sigh of the person is looking up

夜空中最亮的星,能否记起 曾与我同行 消失在风里的身影

The shinest star of nightsky ,whether you could remember up having me walk together before,…


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My Favorite Apps for Living in China

Here are some apps that I can't live without here in China, and better still, they're all free.

Baidu Maps 百度地图 (iOS and Android)

Learning your way around the city is one of the first tasks when you arrive in China. Walking around your neighborhood is a great way to become familiar with the area. But in a city as large as Kunming you are going to need some mode of transportation to get around. Baidu Maps will help you find your way. Although the whole app is in…


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A joke, for fun.



        那年我上初三。         有一天,班里新来了一位英语老师,非常漂亮。我第一次见到她,就喜欢上了她。        那天晚上,月光如水。        晚自习后,我,独自一人,来到了英语老师住的宿舍门口。        我急切地想作表白。那时青春期荡漾翻滚,却不知道用什么方法。        想念佳人,思绪良久,夜凉有霜。我在旁边的地上捡起了半截砖头,上面写着一句爱的心声:“爱你!万年。”扔了进去。撒腿就跑。        不到二十四小时后。        确切的说,第二天早上。        全校大会。校长头上缠着绷带,当众宣布:        开除本校保安李万年!……        不要问为什么!……        没有人问为什么。…!        甚至,李万年也不知道为什么。但是,我只是瞥见,校长夫人偷偷抹眼泪。李万年离开操场时,深情看了她一眼。        没有人知道李万年被开除的理由,只有我。        那年我刚好十六岁。…


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English & Chinese translation - Chinese smartphone price war imminent in H2: analyst 英翻中----中国智能手机价格战逼近

Chinese smartphone price war imminent in H2: analyst

中国智能手机价格战逼近【Jim Wu:H2是什么意思?】


The domestic smartphone industry in China will witness a more competitive market as more upgrade their devices and rivals anticipate ruthless, Darwinian competition. 伴随着更多的设备升级和对手加入,中国国内手机市场行业将见证一个可预见的残酷的更具竞争性的市场 ,达尔文式的竞争。

"The overall growth rate of the market will slow down in the second half of this year," said Antonio Wang, an analyst from market intelligence…


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Chinese words surge in English dictionary 汉语词汇在英语词典中激增

Chinese words surge in English dictionary 汉语词汇在英语词典中激增

source:ChinaDaily 来源:中国日报 翻译:Jim Wu (skype name:BG6RRN)

An official report released on Wednesday shows that the number of Chinese words in English dictionary has rocketed in the past 20 years and the internationalization of Chinese language has become a new cultural trend. 在星期三发布的一份官方报告显示,汉语词汇在英语词典中出现的数量在过去的二十年里出现了飙升,汉语语言的国际化成为一种新的文化趋势。

According to the Cultural Construction Blue Paper-China's Culture Development…


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What makes the Chinese structure different from English? (1)

Complement is a typical element in Chinese language. It usually goes after a verb or an adjective to describe the result, degree, direction, possibility, state,…


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Translation of Mo Yan Poem - 翻译作家莫言的一首诗,献丑啦~~

If you know me,that would be nice


Every person has his own corner,

you can't walk out,others can not come in.

I put down my deepest secret there.

You don't know me,I don't blame you.


Every person has a scar,

deep or superficial,covered with a cloth,pretend to be unexist.

I mop the most scarlet blood there.

You don't know me,I don't blame you.


Every person has his episode of love,



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Ten Secrets to Improving Your Mandarin Skills

Without a good foundation, a building will collapse quickly. When it comes to learning a language, a good knowledge of sentence structure is the foundation.

After having taught hundreds of students from all over the world during the last couple of years, I realized that many students struggle with learning the basic Chinese sentence structure. Check out below for my…


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The Value of Learning Chinese and English Languages

English and Mandarin are the most widely spoke languages in the world. Currently, the master of arts in teaching English is one of the most preferred postgraduate degree of individuals who want to improve their teaching credentials. That said, The following are some of the main benefits of studying the…


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Short and interesting Mandarin phrases - just for fun

Hi Everyone

Below is a long list of short phrases that you can practice reading to try and understand. Most of them are not serious, just for fun. I've explained the first four and left the rest for you to try. If there are any you don't understand or want help with just ask me in the comments.



姨妈(aunt):mother's sister

大姨妈:the oldest one of mother's sister

If you have serveral 姨妈 ,the oldest…


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New List of HSK 3 Vocabulary (600 Words) 新HSK(三级)词汇(共600个)

Hi Everyone - Here is a list of 600 vocabulary words that you can use to review and prepare for the HSK 3. If you would like help preparing for the exam, I offer classes on italki and you can book a class with me there.





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HSK 1 Vocabulary List of 150 new words - 新汉语水平考试HSK(一级)词汇 / 共150 个

Hi Everyone - Here is a list of useful words for the HSK 1. If you would like help preparing for the exam, I offer classes on italki and you can book a class with me…


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Review of Book “Basic Spoken Chinese” by Cornelius C. Kubler

I have been reading and studying a fairly new set of Mandarin Language textbooks known as the “Tuttle Basic Chinese Series” that can be used in the AP level High School or College classroom or by people studying on their own. I will only review the first book in the series “Basic Spoken Chinese” BSC at this time. At later times I will review other volumes in the “Tuttle…


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Comparing language courses: Private vs Group vs Online Lessons

Learning a new language is always a fun challenge. There are varying ways a learner can embark upon a language course, whether they are a complete beginner or have previous knowledge. How do you know which style of learning is for you? Here's the lowdown on the types of language courses available.

Private Learning:

Private learning with a tutor is ideal for anyone leading a busy life. The flexibility of a…


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Chinese People and Western TV Shows - An Article posted at Yoyo Chinese Blog

Michael Hurwitz over at "Yoyo Chinese The Official Blog" has written a fine article ( in English ) about some of the US/UK TV shows that are now popular in China. 

"Thanks to the advent of Chinese streaming services like Sohu and Youku, it’s easier than ever for Chinese fans to watch their favorite foreign TV shows.

While pirated versions have been available online for years, lately Western content providers have struck…


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Taiwan Mandarin versus Beijing Mandarin - A Starter Kit

A May 29, 2014  article over at "The World of Chinese" Internet Site by  Keoni Everington (华武杰) does a good job of scratching the surface of the baffling differences between Taiwan Mandarin and Beijing Mandarin.  ( It may be relatively baffling probably only to the mostly European language based members of the SMC Site ).  Read the article and some of those unknown words you have heard in a Taiwanese movie or song may now make sense.  Here is the link:



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Olle Linge Points Out Problems With Listening to Chinese

Olle Linge over at has posted an article of the difficulties involved in listening and understanding what one hears in Mandarin. It is even worse in the real world where sometimes you must determine which language is being spoken and if the speaker is saying a word wrong or using a slang word or mixing languages.  It is not uncommon to hear sentences consisting of Mandarin, Cantonese and English all mixed together in some Chinatowns.



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For One Day ( 2 Aug 2014 ) there was a Fifth Mandarin Tone over at Mandarin Segments

Greg at Mandarin Segments recently wrote an article that claims that Mandarin learners should think of the neutral ( untoned ) tone as a fifth tone and makes a number of good points and examples.  In the comments to the article Olle…


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