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Signs in Chinese: Female Passengers at Night - 夜间妇女候车区 yèjiān fùnǚ hòuchē qū

夜间妇女候车区     yèjiān fùnǚ hòuchē qū

waiting zone for female passengers at night

夜间:during night



车:car/bus/train vehicle



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Learn Chinese Grammar, the history of Emperor Kang Xi and some Math Terms with SMC Member Shu

SMC member Shu on her site "Chinesetolearn" has a lesson posted May 14 2012 in which you can improve your knowledge of Chinese Grammar, learn some history of Emperor Kang Xi and learn some commonly used Mathematics terms all at the same time.  GOTO this link:    …


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Hot on Weibo: 二月二,龙抬头 Dragon Heads-raising Day

3月13日是农历二月初二,“龙抬头”的日子。传说,冬眠的龙被春雷惊醒,抬头飞腾升天,行云布雨,迎接春天到来,所以称为“龙抬头”。古时有腊月二十七 以后不剃头之,到“龙抬头”这天,过了一个多月正适合理发。所以不少人趁着“二月二,龙抬头”讨吉利“剃龙头”。…


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Building a 'learning habit' and Memrise. (Flashcard based language learning.)

Hey everyone!

I want to share my thoughts and some tips I've picked up during my own Chinese learning experience.

I haven't contributed to this site in a long time, the last time I did, I was plodding through language study on my own living in Brighton, UK (2010/2011). Now I am living in Beijing, China.

I have found that the best way to learn…


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Signs in Chinese: 危险 Danger

危险  wēixiǎn     danger  

施工中  shīgōng zhōng     in construction  

请勿靠近  qǐng wù kàojìn     don't get close

请: please 勿:do not

靠近: get close to

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100 Mandarin Learning videos on CCTV hosted by Charlotte MacInnis

 Charlotte MacInnis is host of 100 Mandarin Learning videos on CCTV ( 100 was on March 9 2012 ).

 She has lived in China most of her life.  See link :

 She has a Wiki page here:

 She had an English language TV show to learn Mandarin on CCTV called "Growing Up…


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