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Never enough beautiful people at work - how to remember 差 chà - "to lack"

Today’s entry is based around the character chà which has quite a few meanings (of course) but basically means ‘to lack, short of, differ from’.



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amusing: sign in alphabetical order (by pinyin)


via @isaac, twitter.com/isaac

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Why "Comrade, let's drink!" can take you to new places

We just got a new phrase in class that I thought was pretty amusing. Apparently in extremely polite situations where you don't know someone's name, you can say 'Hello comrade' 您好同志 - nín hăo tóng zhì.

I'm sure this is a throwback…


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New favorite Chinglish phrase - 这是不(ll)是(t)

A 同学 - tóng xué (classmate) of mine said this when talking about why he had to miss class and go to a training session for work instead.


这是 bull shit - zhè shì bull shit - This is bullshit.



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Words I like lately - strange & broken brain

First word means strange or odd.


奇怪 - qí guài


On my first weekend in Shanghai, I used the term 'bizarre' about 70 times.  I've now started migrating towards…


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chinese vocabulary memory games :D



i stumbled upon this a while ago, it is a game with flashcards that helps you go through you vocabulary and have fun at the same time. it is very good for everyone because you can choose the level you're at or a specific grammar book, or the examination hsk  vocabulary


have fun playing

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过年 guò nián

One month later, it's our traditional festival----Spring Festival(春节)! It is the most important festival to us!During Spring Festival,we get together, children wear new clothes,old people paste red couplets on the doors,we set off firecrackers,eat dumplings.......It's amazing!There is another way to say Spring Festival, 过年 guó nián,of course there is a story behind it, let me tell you.In this story you will know why we…


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Daily Expressions

I'm learning English now,so I've shared many useful daily expressions on my renren page(renren.com just like myspace.com or facebook.com), I think it may help you if I translate them into Chinese! :)


Here we go:…


Added by Zhang Wenzhuo on January 4, 2011 at 6:00pm — 5 Comments


I just read an article in The Atlantic:

What's the Best Language-Learning Technology Out There?


In the comments many readers suggested language learners watch TV shows (often dramas) to study the target foreign language.


Does anyone have suggestions on a good show to watch to study Chinese?




Added by Joshua on January 3, 2011 at 9:24am — 3 Comments

Learn some racy Chinese Bar Etiquette with the Simpsons

There are a few bars in Shanghai that all have 'Windows' in the name. They tend to attract Westerners and along with Westerners, come concerns.  



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How to say 'rookie' or 'newbie' in Chinese - 菜鸟 cài niǎo

“菜鸟 cài niǎo” is a popular word. Interally, it seems like some kind of bird we can eat. However it means something like rookie or newbie.


Now I'm gonna tell the story behind "菜鸟":…


Added by Zhang Wenzhuo on January 1, 2011 at 1:30pm — 2 Comments

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