About Study More Chinese & why you should join

Study More Chinese is a social network for people who are learning Chinese.

Now, let's look at the "facts"
1) Most of your friends are not studying Chinese (& might think you're crazy)
2) At times, you both enjoy and despise learning Chinese
3) Getting help, exploring your interests & learning new things all sound good for Chinese.

If those are true then you're in the right place. This community is an unstructured way to share, collaborate & improve your Chinese. It's not a paid site & it's not meant to teach you everything.

But it is a place where you can spark new interests, share what you like, complain about what doesn't work & meet kindred spirits on the 中文 journey.

Chinese is hard enough - get some help & have some fun, here.

All levels (beginner to 中国人) are welcome.

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