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"Maternal grandma" by Jay Chou

All the explanations are provided by Chelsea_bubbly from Bedroom Chinese : entertaining ! . Youtube : . . *…

Started by Batman in General questions / discussions

1 Mar 19, 2016
Reply by Batman


Chinese films to learn Mandarin

I have watched 33 Chinese movies so far in my unusual quest to learn Mandarin, and I would highly recommend 11 of them: Hero, Journey to th…

Started by Victor Hart in Study strategy tips

20 Mar 17, 2016
Reply by Ajel


New Members - Looking for language exchange partners

This is a discussion for new members. If you are looking for language exchange partners, you can reply to this discussion to introduce your…

Started by Brandon in Can you help with this?

11 Mar 16, 2016
Reply by Ajel

Sentences only !

I got a friend who is interested in long lists of Chinese sentences. That's the way he learns Chinese. He said : "Short stories are not…

Started by Batman in Study strategy tips

4 Mar 13, 2016
Reply by Batman

Iris McKay reads a story : Little Prince (part one)

The Little Prince in Chinese . Iris McKay edited this video (montage) and reads the story (intermediate level).

Started by Batman in Study strategy tips

0 Mar 13, 2016

Ninchanese on Kickstarter: a gamified learning app to learn Characters, build sentences and learn to speak Chinese

Hi everyone, Ninchanese is a gamified learning app where you learn characters, to build sentences and to speak Chinese.  A while back, I p…

Started by Ninchanese in General questions / discussions

2 Mar 9, 2016
Reply by Ninchanese

Justlearnchinese : my style

Direct and Free Learning - Short audio-stories in Justlearnchinese website (by Grace Feng) : Moving on to the following "expert mode" : htt…

Started by Batman in Study strategy tips

0 Feb 18, 2016

Taking a look at the etymology helps memorize complicated characters

I've been always praising Line dict Chinese dictionary but I must admit that Yellowbridge is unbeatable when searching for words with a sam…

Started by Batman in Study strategy tips

0 Feb 15, 2016

Ankidroid (Anki in Android)

First all of all, take a look at my previous post related to Anki and the ready-made decks of flashcards. Now, we're talking about creating…

Started by Batman in Study strategy tips

0 Feb 14, 2016

恶魔 , 你到底是谁? 也许 , 我的隔壁邻居是一个恶魔!

Demons are the great tempters of mankind but I tried to run away from the temptation. ○\|/○--^`````````☆  恶魔人 , 我要打死你! 别跑!

Started by Batman in Can you help with this?

0 Feb 9, 2016


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