Hi - 

Recently Gen & Sikora, in addition to being awesome at creating content & helping others, have volunteered to help with the actual running  of Study More Chinese, behind the scenes if you will.

I am looking for more volunteers because as the site has grown it's become more difficult to keep up with all the moving parts and there are new projects that I would potentially like to undertake, requiring more help.

Please let me know if you're interested by commenting below or emailing me and let me know if there's anything in particular that you might like.  I have more ideas & opportunities but some examples:

  • Updating the daily feature
  • Choosing words & writing example sentences for word of the day
  • Becoming a site admin (content / member approval)
  • Writing / editing / or contributing to an ebook
  • Hosting Google plus hangouts (casual, like a class, topical, like a talk show, other ideas)
  • Writing guest blogs for other sites (which drive traffic to the site)
  • Writing reviews of ipad / iphone Chinese-learning apps
  • Managing a 'video lesson' (finding & sharing video lessons of all kinds)
  • Creating powerpoint 'lessons' to be shared for free - either as a mandarin teacher could use or that students could review on their own
  • Running other outlets of study more chinese - like facebook page, tumblr, social network submission etc

Some of this could be just because you are interested in it. Others could be a good way to gain experience say for a resume etc - i.e. I helped run / promote / manage a social network or i have experience teaching online because I have hosted hangouts or i was editor in chief of an e-book that was downloaded by 15,000 people etc etc.

Really appreciate any & all help. It can be fun & requires no long-term commitment.  If you're interested specifically in the ebook, let me know because that could be a bigger project depending on how much time/effort you want to put into it.

Thanks everyone.

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I wouldn't mind helping also Brandon, though I'm not sure which capacity....

are you still need some help? you can count on me in writing blogs from time to time (only if  got any good idea), example sentences and maybe this ebook but could PM me with more details?


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