Hi - 

Recently Gen & Sikora, in addition to being awesome at creating content & helping others, have volunteered to help with the actual running  of Study More Chinese, behind the scenes if you will.

I am looking for more volunteers because as the site has grown it's become more difficult to keep up with all the moving parts and there are new projects that I would potentially like to undertake, requiring more help.

Please let me know if you're interested by commenting below or emailing me and let me know if there's anything in particular that you might like.  I have more ideas & opportunities but some examples:

  • Updating the daily feature
  • Choosing words & writing example sentences for word of the day
  • Becoming a site admin (content / member approval)
  • Writing / editing / or contributing to an ebook
  • Hosting Google plus hangouts (casual, like a class, topical, like a talk show, other ideas)
  • Writing guest blogs for other sites (which drive traffic to the site)
  • Writing reviews of ipad / iphone Chinese-learning apps
  • Managing a 'video lesson' (finding & sharing video lessons of all kinds)
  • Creating powerpoint 'lessons' to be shared for free - either as a mandarin teacher could use or that students could review on their own
  • Running other outlets of study more chinese - like facebook page, tumblr, social network submission etc

Some of this could be just because you are interested in it. Others could be a good way to gain experience say for a resume etc - i.e. I helped run / promote / manage a social network or i have experience teaching online because I have hosted hangouts or i was editor in chief of an e-book that was downloaded by 15,000 people etc etc.

Really appreciate any & all help. It can be fun & requires no long-term commitment.  If you're interested specifically in the ebook, let me know because that could be a bigger project depending on how much time/effort you want to put into it.

Thanks everyone.

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Hi Brandon, 

I can help host google + hangout. I host some language partner experience when I was in US. I could be a great help from those experience. i will attend the hangout next Wed (5/23). Hope we can talk! 

That's great Niki, thanks a lot. I will follow up after the next hangout to coordinate. Much appreciated & welcome to the site.

I'd like to help more but I'm a bad writer or speaker, I think at least I can help with these two:

  • Becoming a site admin (content / member approval)
  • Running other outlets of study more chinese - like facebook page, tumblr, social network submission etc

I like working on computer. I have my own wordpress blog, and I help with some other people do it. I am running a facebook page too. I'm familiar with a lot of social network and I'm good at picking up such things.

Hi Seraph - 

That's great, thanks a lot for helping. It sounds like you & Matt have talked about some other projects too so I don't want to overload you too much.  But there are definitely a few social things you can do if you like.

The reason I was delayed in responding was that it turns out Tumblr doesn't allow for extra page managers & I did not want to create another blog there just for this purpose.  There might be something we can do though.  I will send you some more details directly by email & you can let me know what sounds interesting to you.  Thanks!

I'm pretty busy with my own blogs, but I would like to hear more about the ebook. What you are planning to cover there and what kind of deadline you have?

Hi Sara - 

I will follow up with you by email but nothing is set in stone.  A lot of what we do depends on who volunteers, what they're interested in and how much time / how big people want to make it.  

My thoughts for a smaller project could be a nice solid way for learners to start with characters. So part introduces how to write, part introduces basic characters & part uses full sentences & easy-to-print format for people to practice writing basic sentences.  

But if you wanted to do something even more robust that's also a possibility.  Thanks & I'll forward you some emails I've sent about it so far.

Hey I would love to help, me and my school, I would love to see this site thrive as I love learning Chinese and want to help others. Email me if there is something youd like to throw my way, As principal of my own school I am sure I can throw some people hours your way!

Together we can rule the world! wahahah!



Hah that's great Kevin, thanks. I will follow up in an email.

Hi, I'm interested in developing materials for learners to use when they do language exchanges on Skype and similar networks.  I teach English online and am learning Chinese online.  But I'm a beginner in Chinese and so can't really do language swaps with any great success.  But I think this is just because I haven't got the resources I need to help me work out what I can say to Chinese learners in an exchange situation.   I've got an idea that it would be possible to develop an e-book that could be used to facilitate structured language exchange with people at different levels, for example a Mandarin beginner and an English intermediate student.  If volunteering on your site would help me get to a place where I might be more able to develop such a text, I'd be interested in volunteering.

Maybe having materials on your site that would facilitate such exchanges would be very useful to people and I could collaborate with a Chinese teacher to develop them?

Hey Katey maybe I can help you out with that. We are interested in providing online lessons in the future to students. So helping you acheive your goals works towards our own goal as well. We are happy to share on this site anything we put together also!


Hi Katey,

I've had a similar idea to what you are talking about.  I wrote a blog series on Study More Chinese called 20 Questions to Basic Fluency.  The idea is to help beginners (and their language partners) focus on high frequency vocabulary and structures.  In fact, I'm just about finished with an e-book adaptation of the blog series.  Take a look and let me know what you think.  Feel free to send me a message with your ideas.  I'd love to hear them. 


Hey SIkora, you've got some really great stuff there- great detail- really like it!



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