I notice a platform collecting Chinese reading materials of different types and would like to recommend to friends learning Chinese.The name of the platform is E-Read Chinahttp://ereadchina.cnki.net/

Also, I would like to know some other online platforms for getting Chinese materials, are there any other recommendations?

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I learn Chinese and I want to access the free audio books with text, translation and also explanation for the grammar. 请问你们能不能帮助我?

I can help!

This is not an ad. But I do recommend my site for you to learn since it has all stuff you need. Text, translation, audio of each sentence and grammar points related to the text. Also there are many interesting topics about China. You can also see character evolution. You will love it! http://chinese2020.com.

Site is FREE and FUN.

Most of texts before lesson 30 are my original work. They are mainly in format of dialogues. They cover many topics about current China. 

Vocab is main focus. Through many different aspects of learning and exercises, it enables you to build strong basis of vocab. 

One picture is more than thousands of words. The site has thousands of pictures to illustrate vocab. It is fun to learn and test.

Try to let you read with laugh or smile, especially grammar points and topics. 

I like the app ' DecipherChinese' - you get new articles everyday to read on your phone. The articles are short and easy and really interesting, there are also tools to help you read them. All free.

See www.decipherchinese.com for web version and to download app.

YouTube is a free Chinese learning resource offers different kinds of reading materials, here's the YouTube channel about HSK preparation and practice https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn95q4rBdmP1wWVAZ0244_Q which could help you get a high score in reading part.

The Chinese characters are too small and in my opinion, this has already done a great disservice ...Is it possible to increase the font size and the contrast (color of the background) ?

As the site is completely in Chinese, I think it would be a bit hard to use for a learner...


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