anyone have any suggestions on iphone/ipad apps to help in the learning process? am still a relative beginner so would be more basic sentence structure and vocab type exercises. I completely thought a year after release the ipad would be amazing me with interactive textbooks, etc. 


Qingwen dictionary on the iphone is one i've found thats easy to use and helpful so far. 

Qingwen iTunes link (new window)

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I love the website and they have just released an iPhone app.

This app is different to other apps / web sites I've come across as it lets you write, not trace, the Chinese characters so it really does let you write your own way so it is as good (or bad) as your handwriting.

The web site is flash based so it does work on Android although it is with varying success, but there are many FAQ's and discussions about the good and bad sides of different devices and Android versions to help or discourage!

The cost is around $10 a month with some special rates in place for now, but if you stop paying than you can continue to work on the words you have already added.

If this sounds like an advert, it's because I've been helping them test the beta for a few months and it is the most used app on my phone!  Try it, love it, use it! :) Get skritter app for iphone

My company offers 3 apps that teach Chinese:

Chinese Learn Online - beginner course for speaking Chinese

Chinese Flashcards - learn the 2700 most common characters in simplified / traditional

Chinese Flashcards II - learn the beginner HSK set of words (~1000 words)

Hi, recently I found one iPad app that will help you to Lear Chinese 'kids way to chinese '. It is very funny , because it is like a game. You are gave some job to finish your lesson like a adventure .Although You are adult , but you wii not refuse the funny class . You can practice listening and escribe !
I am Chinese teacher . I have a lot students use this book and do practice through iPad app . They are teenager and adults .
So you can try

Hi LiJun, that sounds very interesting. What is the name of the app so that I can find it in the App Store?

I just developed a free android app called spoken Chinese teacher, which can be find on google play store at

You can learn to speak the most frequently used Mandarin Chinese phases, and evaluate your pronunciation. Besides, you may find friends who share the same interest as you. Anyone interested may take a look at it.

I've just been using Pleco so far.  But, i've heard good things about Skritter, so maybe I'll give that a shot soon to help learn characters.

I like Pleco to use in combination with classes. Chinesepod and the other online learning resources don't work so well for me - I need a real teacher to talk to.

I use Flashonary - iphone - ipad - and have found it to be extremely good. Wish I had it when I first started doing Mandarin lessons as it would have saved me heaps of time and I would have progressed much further than where I am now. I spent hours looking up characters I didn't know via stroke numbers in the Chinese / English Dictionary. This app also provides audio at a small one off fee and I thing for an additional fee you can purchase an option which colour codes the tones.

My most essential app is Pleco (with all its add-ons). It has dictionaries, handwriting input, (audible input with Android devices), comprehensive adjustable flashcard system, audible output, optical recognition (for reading signs, images captured on your phone/internet), electronic character recognition for reading emails etc. With the add-ons it's a bit pricey for a mobile app (around £25) but well worth it. You can import and export flashcards (great for sharing characters studying in class with fellow students as well as creating backups).

I use Pleco beside RosettaStone (which is on my laptop) and try to write the scripts on Pleco on my iPhone to aid the writing/leading experience. RosettaStone is great (but hugely expensive: about £250 for the full 5 levels - it's come down in price from £400 when I bought mine 3 years ago) and my wife largely learned English with it over 2 years day and night. But RosettaStone is quite poor with writing because it requires PinYin input for the characters so you never get to draw them yourself - the computer converts the PinYin into the characters for you. There's no substitute for handwritten learning which introduces an element of physical learning alongside the mental learning. RosettaStone is great because it builds on (and repeats) things that you've already learned to ensure constant revision. You can listen to it; it listens to you (and you can adjust the level of accuracy - helpful as you progress); it does everything by sight and sound (no actual translation, but you guess the meaning from the pictures and situations - just as a child would learning its home language. You build up visual associations together with the sounds, aiding memorisation.

A number of my fellow class students like Skritter but it frustrates me because your writing of the characters has to be so good before it will recognise them. You pay a monthly subscription for the service. It uses a lot of repetition and you need to get a certain level of accuracy before it will introduce new characters.


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