What will change the most in Chinese Language Learning in the next 5-10 years?

It's prediction time... What do you think will change the most in learning Chinese in the next 5-10 years? It can be anything and there's no wrong answer, just what do you think?

It could be related to things like...

  • New web / mobile applications
  • Different testing methodology
  • More foreigners learning impacts the teaching methods
  • Foreigners learning from a younger age
  • Changes to pinyin / character system
  • Others...?

Feel free to reply in English or Chinese.

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Hey thanks all for participating - great discussion. Here's a related article I just saw from BBC Future section:

BBC - A better way to learn Chinese? via @Sajimi on twitter.

What do you think? Agree with the approach?

Great article Brandon.  I'd love to see the goods but I'm coming up short on the search.  Maybe they haven't published a list yet.

Thank you Brandon and Sikora for the responses and for this wonderful website.

I am familiar with statistical linguistics so I understand the rationale of the approach mentioned in the article. I believe it has very good potential for helping us learn Chinese more efficiently.

Sikora, my mother tongue is Vietnamese so I do have a little advantage in learning the vocabulary or more accurately the meaning of the pinyin. I dread the tasks of handwriting Chinese so I was delighted to read about Memrise.com in your newsletter this morning because that is such a great way of learning the characters/vocab without having to learn how to write. Eventually if there's a need for writing, which I doubt, I would then try to pick up the skills but for now I will remember what I can and then leave it off that way. Being a recreational learner I do not have as much pressure as other users of the site who are enrolled in formal Chinese language courses.

You know I think eventually most Chinese will lose the handwriting skill. Handwriting will be come an art and those practicing it will be artists. That scenario may come true in our lifetime (30-40 years).

I think the basis for this proposed character learning strategy, including the "hierarchical network" theory, is not new.  I'd be interested in seeing studies done on its effect.


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