Just wanted a discussion where we can collect interesting tidbits of language that you come across. 
I liked this comment translated on a ChinaSmack article about pigs raised on a landfill.  Definitely times on the internet where this is my only reaction.


āi, zăo yĭ jīng wú fă biăo shì chū jīng yà le

Sigh, I have long lost the ability to express surprise.

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I like this one as I often quote this to my younger friends.


huó dào lǎo , xuédào lǎo

One is never too old to learn.

Yes :)

My wife says to me to stop reading character by character but I do not see how

到老学到老 == never too old to learn       since I see " to old learn to old"

  Where does the "never" come from ?  or the "too" ? She says it is understood by anyone who really knows Chinese.



huó dào lǎo , xuédào lǎo

Literally, if I translate it,  it will be:

Live to  old age, learn to old age. Which means learn everyday, no matter one is young or old. When we live, we learn. No one is too old to learn things. Do you agree, Thomas?

 OK  ... "Live to  old age, learn to old age" .... 到老  can mean "to old age" and not just "to old".  Thank you.

One I picked up from ChinesePod the other day, not sure if it classes as an idiom but just a short phrase I like :)



Literally means light bulb, but is used to be 'third wheel' because on a date the couple would be in darkness/privacy but the third wheel/light bulb comes along and spreads light all over their privacy! 


I know right?

I love this one too, it's epic!

While on Math/Engineer William Wu's site I noticed he had a Chinese page and I found this list of idioms on it : http://wuism.net/chinese/idioms.shtml 

I like the expression 他在吹牛。 It expresses that someone is boasting.

When Chinese people pick up the phone & say WEI?! That tickles me. Also when something goes wrong and people say 'aye ohhhh!' Although I've some Singhalese friends who do that, so I guess it's an Asian thing.


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