What qualities separate the average and really good Chinese teachers?

It's probably different by level so feel free to answer based on any experiences you have had.


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For beginners in a classroom, I think it's ...

1) being supportive / encouraging

2) using English to prevent frustration (after 2nd or 3rd try to understand, switch to English)

3) being somewhat strict with students who aren't working at it (they will not succeed without studying & just hold a class back)

Patience。An ability to explain concepts clearly. And to be someone that is fun to learn from.

Great discussion topic. In general, I think a teacher that can keep the class in Chinese without frustrating the students is on the right track.  Are there any specific techniques that teachers use that you think are effective?  For example, I liked when my Chinese teacher would teach us a new grammar concept and then give us a translation challenge. 

hello, I'm angel. Nice to meet you. If you want to be a chinese teacher, I would like to become your first student.

I come from china, living in shanghai. I'm the native people. If possible, we can teach each other.

If I have any mistake for the sentence. pls tell me.Thank you.

你好,我是angle. 见到你很高兴。你想成为中文老师的话我很愿意成为您的第一位学生。我来自中国上海。如果可以的话我们可以互相学习。


From my perspective I think flexibility is very important for teachers, they need to listen to students wishes and try to cater to them, it dosn't mean the student is always right, and you don't always have to do what they say, but a good teacher needs to understand where the student is coming from and where they want to go.

That's my two cents anyway! Hey yes good discussion topic!

Rocket science it isn't, so basically a good Teacher of Chinese, the kind I want to hire is one that can Taylor the lesson plans to my particular needs. Take into account where I will be conversing the most, as in what type of situation, and teach accordingly. But also making suggestions for lesson plans as they see fit and adjusting per the student's priorities.
For me example, I am a helicopter pilot working in China, so a teacher who can research the technical words and aviation business words and teach them to me. As well as understanding the needs of a social life outside of work and suggesting lesson plans to fit.
On top of this being able to critique my intermediate Chinese and fix my grammar and inevitable mispronunciations.
That's the kind of Teacher I need.

I'm sure there are numerous traits required, but i think the #1 trait has to be patience.

A good teacher is very patient because not all students learn at the same velocity or with the same ease. Some students, like myself, can struggle from time to time. When i do run into one of those concepts that for some reason my brain won't take in, i thank my tutor each time she successfully gets through to me because i realize that if i were in her place i may not have been as patient with me :)

  • A good teacher knows how to get you to practice the target vocab/grammar IN CONVERSATION.  Real, communicative conversation, not phony dialogs.  
  • A good teacher knows how to correct your errors without stopping the momentum of the conversation.  
  • A good teacher provides options and negotiation, rather than English translation, when a student makes a speaking mistake.
  • A good teacher is interesting and engaging as a person, and not just playing a role of class marm.
  • A good teacher lets you practice talking.  And practice talking.  And practice talking.  And then shuts up and makes you practice talking some more.  
  • A good teacher knows the difference between explanatory accuracy, descriptive accuracy; folk etymology, and making sh*t up on the spot.  

Hi, everyone, I think to be a good Chinese teacher,

1) First need a native Mandarin speaker with standard pronunciation.

2) Effectively bilingual in Chinese and at least one other language such as English, French, Japanese, etc. It can prevent frustration.

3) Be committed to and enthusiastic about teaching.

4) Patience

5) Have teaching skills.

I'm a Chinese teacher, it is my opinion,do you agree with me?


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