I would just like to know what your most effective way to learn Chinese is.

I've been learning Chinese now for more than two and a half years. Unfortunately do I realize that I'm not the most effective language learner. I have the feeling that I dawdled with my time. A study plan doesn't work so well for me, because I have not the right discipline for it.

So, I wonder how others do it. Is it watching Chinese movies, language exchange, writing essays, reading a lot...?

Please let me know.

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Myself, I find it important to always do a little bit every day :-) and of course that can be hard when working a lot. So being able to listen to Chinese is then super useful.

I agree that some of the resources listed here, like ChinesePod, is then becomes really helpful!

I also listen a lot to Chinese music as well. And just now me and my fiancee created this little site chinese-children-songs to make more people learn from these type of songs. It's at least a real fun way to learn.

It's nice to feel like a kid again :-)

Let me know if you find it to be a useful way.


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