What is the difference between 觉得 jue de and 感觉 gan jue ?


Could someone please explain the difference between 觉得 jué de /感觉 gǎn jué as it feels like they are interchangeable most of the time.


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感觉 can be noun and verb,  when it's noun, it means feeling, sense; When it's verb, it may mean feel, perceive;

觉得 can only be verb, it may mean feel or think(most time not very sure)

most of the time they are interchangeable.

我觉得这部电影很好 =  我感觉这部电影很好

I feel the film is good.

我觉得很冷 = 我感觉很冷

I feel very cold.


My feeling are correct. 

Here 感觉 is noun, we can not use 觉得 here.


I don't have any feeling for him.  ( hehe, a phrase to refuse to get involved into a relationship)

Thanks! So can I use in this way?

Yes that's right :)

别着急, 过一会儿你就会感觉(or  觉得)好多了。

Theres a note on 感到 vs. 觉得  gǎndào vs. juéde  on Nciku that might be of interest (see near the bottom of the page).   



Yes I know, thought it was still useful given gandao is also largely interchangable.
Thanks everyone for the helpful replies :)

觉得 is a subjective way of expressing your feeling. For example, 我觉得他是一个好人。You have your own judgement on something after knowing some bit of him.

感觉 is an objective way of expressing your feeling. For example, 我感觉他是一个好人。You are guessing without knowing him whether he's a good person or not.

Also 觉得 can only be a verb. it is often translated into FEEL/THINK.

感觉 can be both verb and noun.

Verb: It can be translated into FEEL.

Noun: It can be translated into FEELING/REACTION/ATTRACTION.

examples of the above:

1, FEELING:  面试后的感觉怎么样?

2, REACTION: When you have a stomachache, the doctor may press your stomach and ask you “这里有感觉吗?"

3, ATTRACTION: When lovers talk about how they fell in love they may say “我和她第一次见面就很有感觉" meaning "We drew each other's attraction when we first met".

Hope the above helps.

觉得in chinese is think about.感觉 in chinese is feeling.Some time,so many chinese will use "觉得" when they wanna express their ideas .And they use "感觉" express some diffrent feeling like sixth sense or the feeling of love.(ps:I am a china mianland student,my English is poor,I wish u can understand what my express. :) )

Well said, Bingbing. i've always found 觉得 to mean something like "I think but I'm not sure" - giving an opinion. I would sometimes translate it "believe" rather than think/feel. 

One of the fun parts of language learning is how words do not have one-to-one meanings. They're more like overlapping circles.


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