It happens with all languages, and Chinese is no exception, when you find a word or phrase that you 'just like' for one reason or another. Maybe it's how it sounds or how it translates or just that it expresses an idea really well, sometimes better than in your native language.

I was just reminded of a simple, beginner phrase that comes up constantly at work

你说的对 - Nǐ shuō de duì - You're right

It's simple and I can't help but translate it in my head as like "you are speaking the truth" and it seems so formal but is used so casually.

So... what's a phrase that you "just like" & is there any reason you like it?

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Alternate phrase:  " 開朗樂觀面對人生!" ( Kāilǎng lèguān miàn duì rénshēng! )   Cheerful optimistic outlook on human life!

The title of a 2007 book by 武筱玲 ( Wǔ Xiǎolíng ):


Zhī tiān yuè mìng: Xīnlíng de tiānmìng jiàoliàn

Knowledge of days ( or Heaven ) Laugh at  life: spiritual destiny coach

Zhī tiān yuè mìng  is  probably better translated as "Know Heaven Happy Life"


Dàjiā qǐng màn yòng.

Everyone please enjoy the meal.

Facebook friend posted this: 


Tuījiàn nǐmen kàn yī běnshū--->sū qīng de `jiéhūn shí nián'.

Recommend you read a book ---> Su Qing's 'Married for Ten Years. "

A few responses talked about:


Qī nián zhī yǎng

Seven Year Itch

A female response was the swallow idiom of a marriage collapsing from stress:


Fūqī běn shì tóng lín niǎo, dà nàn lái shí gèzì fēi fēn fēi yàn! Qǔ zhōng rén sàn.

These couples are forest birds, their flight when (there is a ) disaster ( all or scattered ) points swallows! ( It (the marriage) ) comes to an end.

The same female responded further on:


Àiqíng xiǎoshuō dōu shì chéngrén tónghuà.

Romance novels are all adult fairy tales.

My Facebook friend responded to this with sentence:


Zhídé yī kàn de shū, chúnpǔ, tàshí, zhēnqiè!

Worth a look at the book, simple, practical, real!

xīng xīng xīng xīng

people of talent appreciate one another (idiom)



Very Grateful

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