It happens with all languages, and Chinese is no exception, when you find a word or phrase that you 'just like' for one reason or another. Maybe it's how it sounds or how it translates or just that it expresses an idea really well, sometimes better than in your native language.

I was just reminded of a simple, beginner phrase that comes up constantly at work

你说的对 - Nǐ shuō de duì - You're right

It's simple and I can't help but translate it in my head as like "you are speaking the truth" and it seems so formal but is used so casually.

So... what's a phrase that you "just like" & is there any reason you like it?

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I like 我行我素Wǒxíngwǒsù is sort of like a "I do what I want" retort

and 你给我滚!Nǐ gěi wǒ gǔn  is a sort of "I'm sick of you, go away" retort

Although I doubt these will be easy to work into daily conversations I do feel like they just roll off the tongue

Thomas those are great, thanks for sharing. i can't wait to use the ' i do what i want' reply.


ben4 niao3 xian1 fei1

Love it! Taken to using it when people compliment my Chinese, and it's going down a treat!

屌丝-Diao3 Si1-what a poor guy?

I've heard of it whenever on the local public bus among a troop of teens carrying  schoolbags, giggling around, who look like a little bit emberrassed to joke with each other and also, I still try to figure out what's going on with this words, which seriously to me having been used tens of thousands of times, still have no idea of its specific

我昨天给你钥匙了!-wo zuo tian gei ni yao shi le!- I gave you the keys yesterday!

I love the word for bus.


It just rolls off the tongue 

After something awesome is done.


   Zhè cái jiàozhēn gōngfu.

   Now that's real skill.

This awesome skill should be used to solve a "  挑战高难度 " ( tiǎozhàn gāo nándù )  difficult challenge.

Even " 挑戰人類的極限 " ( tiǎozhàn rénlèi de jíxiàn )  Challenge mankind's limits

or " 冒險玩命 " ( Màoxiǎn wánmìng )  Death-defying adventure ( Lit. to risk playing with life or fate )

It may be said of this feat " 一膽二力三功夫! "  ( Yī dǎn èr lì sān gōngfu! )  the nerve, ability and skill   or   1 - gall  2 - ability ( or strength )  3 - skill

樂天知命 !

Lètiānzhīmìng!  ( Lè tiān zhī mìng! )

"Optimistic attitude to life!"  or   "to be content with what one is!"

Literal:  Happy day know life


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