It happens with all languages, and Chinese is no exception, when you find a word or phrase that you 'just like' for one reason or another. Maybe it's how it sounds or how it translates or just that it expresses an idea really well, sometimes better than in your native language.

I was just reminded of a simple, beginner phrase that comes up constantly at work

你说的对 - Nǐ shuō de duì - You're right

It's simple and I can't help but translate it in my head as like "you are speaking the truth" and it seems so formal but is used so casually.

So... what's a phrase that you "just like" & is there any reason you like it?

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差不多 - chàbuduō: almost, nearly.


no way! 

yeah paul(?), that's a good one.  i was just about to add it here the other day as i heard a woman yelling 不会把 ! then laughing next door.

Yeah it's Paul :)

Another favourite of mine:

....死了      - Great way to exaggerate an adjective in a very simple way!

死 = si3  -  to die.

饿死了! I'm starving (lit. I'm hungry to death!)

累死了! I'm exhausted/very tired (lit. I'm tired to death!)

吵死了!It's very noisy (lit. Noisy to death!)

真了不起  f---g awesome

Hi Ke Ren Patrick thanks for adding - do you know if 真了不起 is 'vulgar' ? meaning there are social situations where you would not say f---g awesome because it might not be appropriate but is 真了不起 like that?

I thought it means " really amazing ".

hi, 真了不起 can be used in either context, the internet version is 真牛

I would use either term in a more casual situation, maybe one regarding 

media or fashion.

I think you mean  牛屄  ( niú bī ).  Sometimes seen as  牛B.  See book with this title here:   

and here:  

and a few more seen by Googling " niubi ".

Such as

真牛屄  ( zhēn niú bī ) means "really awesome " ( or even F'ing awesome ) as does  真牛 and  真牛B  which have had the vulgar " 屄 " character removed.

Literally speaking, I'd like to use 逼 instead of B or what you put up there which I can not find how to type, well, it looks like the "death well " by the meaning of the strokes

真牛 is internet slang, used mostly in writing. I'v had people comment on posts with the term. Must admit this slang books looks quite good, thanks for the tip! 真牛!


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