Motivation is key.

I'm starting to believe that motivation is one the most important elements of language learning that is too often overlooked. There is so much discussion around the mechanics of what works rather than talking about how to both find & maintain interest/motivation. 

With that in mind, I'm curious what interested you most about learning Chinese when you first started? What was it?

Was it history or culture?  Or was it for career?  Or just the challenge? Others? And do you find your original interest is still motivating today or has it changed?

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Well, aquillyo, this seems the same to me. I realized that I'm reading addict when I looked at every character I could lay my eyes on in China and tried to figure out the meaning.  Maybe this is my real motivation behind learning Chinese. I just need to know what all these characters mean....

I TOTALLY Agree! Ma Ji Ya.  I have this belief, that if being literate in English is important...How much more important is it to be literate in OTHER languages!

For me, it all started because of love :-)

And that's why it continues even today. But actually, since my fiancee speaks very well English I "don't have to learn mandarin".

But I've realized that I want to understand her and her culture to maximum so that is what keeps me going now.


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