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For many, this is one of the toughest questions to answer in life. To others, there's no contest. So how about you? Braumiester or sommelier?

One of the best ways to study Chinese is to use Chinese. The Daily Question is open to all ability levels and gives you a quick and easy way practice your skills. Let’s take a look at today’s question. Post your answer in the comments below.

Nǐ gèng xǐhuan hē píjiǔ háishì hē pútáojiǔ?
What do you prefer, beer or wine?


  • Not sure how to respond to the question? Don’t worry, you’ve got lots of options:

1. Check out the 20 Questions to Basic Fluency blog.
2. Write your answer in pinyin - with or without accents
3. Type English into Google Translate, then copy and paste your answer
4. Add an audio comment with croak.it Try it. It’s fun!

  • Not sure how to set up your computer to type Chinese characters? Check out these useful video tutorials:

Typing Chinese characters on a Mac
Typing Chinese characters on Windows (PC)

  • Got your own questions? Post them in the Forum under General Discussions to start your own conversation.

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