I like soy bean milk - 豆浆(dòu jiāng), how about you ?

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粥(稀饭)congee,sometimes steamed bread(馒头) or bread(面包)plus bean milk.

I have stayed in a few Chinese hotels and the standard breakfast consists of   zhou (a rice porridge) also called congee, 包子 Bao zi and馒头 Man tou (steamed buns which can be plain or have a variety of fillings), a variety of pickled vegatables, boiled eggs, and cake.

If you get the chance try it it is really quite nice

If I had my choice, I'd go with 油条!




 Zài dōngjì, zhōu hé yóutiáo shì hái bùcuò.   (Mandarin)

 Zoi dung gwai, zuk wo yau tiu hai waan hoh.  (Cantonese)

 In the winter, porridge (congee) and fried fritters (bread sticks) are also good. 



I remember that usually I had mung bean rice porridge and Baozi as breakfast. 


Sometime, I had soybean milk and fried twisted cruller.

Porridge and Baozi is a great start to any day!

dui bu qi, zhongwu wo ai zhongguo fan. wanshang wo ai zhongguo fan. wo meitian chi zhongguo fan. keshi qianbantian wo bu neng chi zhongguofan, wo xiang chi xi can. qi guai. ran er dui jiaozi wo neng li wai!

Sorry, in the afternoon I love Chinese food. In the evening I love Chinese food. Everyday I eat Chinese food. But, the first part of the day I can not eat Chinese food, I think to eat western food. Strange. Of course for Jiaozi I can make an exception!

I'd sooner go hungry than eat porridge or dou jiang.

上半天,the first part of the day




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