The Grammys were on last night and it turned my thoughts to the Chinese music scene.  Despite half a decade of studying Chinese, I still haven't gotten attached to any Chinese songs or artists that I really like.  Sure, I listen to music and I think, "that's kind of cool" or "that's a good song" but it doesn't usually inspire me to keep listening and exploring.  When I do explore, I'm usually disappointed. 

I never had this problem while studying Spanish.  Hispanic music is a huge cosmos with all kinds of genres to explore.  It seems that Chinese music should have the same potential to thrill, but, for some reason, it just hasn't held my attention so far.  Is the music scene in the Chinese speaking world just too different for me to relate to?   Am I missing something? 

So, I'm on a quest to explore Chinese music and find some songs and artists that really resonate with me AND I need some help.    Write your top three favorite Chinese songs in the comments below and hopefully we can get a list together of the best Chinese music out there. Thanks in advance for your help!

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好久不见-you'd better try this one from 陈亦迅


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