The Grammys were on last night and it turned my thoughts to the Chinese music scene.  Despite half a decade of studying Chinese, I still haven't gotten attached to any Chinese songs or artists that I really like.  Sure, I listen to music and I think, "that's kind of cool" or "that's a good song" but it doesn't usually inspire me to keep listening and exploring.  When I do explore, I'm usually disappointed. 

I never had this problem while studying Spanish.  Hispanic music is a huge cosmos with all kinds of genres to explore.  It seems that Chinese music should have the same potential to thrill, but, for some reason, it just hasn't held my attention so far.  Is the music scene in the Chinese speaking world just too different for me to relate to?   Am I missing something? 

So, I'm on a quest to explore Chinese music and find some songs and artists that really resonate with me AND I need some help.    Write your top three favorite Chinese songs in the comments below and hopefully we can get a list together of the best Chinese music out there. Thanks in advance for your help!

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薩頂頂 《天地記》Sa Dingding "heaven and earth in mind."  :   

 Sa DingDing English Wiki : 

I like  Wulan tuoya  for this type of music :    

yeah, I like that too. I think I like her videos more than the songs themselves.


And Thanks for the links from Thomas. :)

More on Gong Linna :  

1. Yue liang dai biao wo de xin Teresa Teng

2. Evan Yo Warm-up Happiness

3. Moonlight Qin's moon

  Another big Hokkien song is  Wàngyuè xiǎng àirén by Hóng Rónghóng ---    

   or this version ---     

I am Jose, from Spain.

By far, my favorite Chinese song is Jolin Tsai's Huai Nian:  怀念

I didn't look through all the threads to see if anyone posted this song.  I discovered this song while listening to a podcast and it took me over a year to find out who sang it.  I think it kicks butt!

Cui Jian - Nothing To My Name

so easy to learn, 我很喜欢, Jay Chou, Lin Jun Jie, EXO, Mayday, so many


I am so into the chinese music scene. There are a couple of artist that I really love. It is kind of hard to find a chinese artist for every genera of music you may listen to in america but if you search a bit you can find some really cool artist. you can try some of these people:


宇宙人(cosmo people)-indie pop, upbeat

CNDY- rock, some songs are harder than others

五月天-soft rock, kind of harder than our soft rock but too popish/ mellow to be just regular rock very popular in tw.

嚴爵 Yan Jue- pop/rock



蛋堡-hip hop/ rap

參劈- hardcore rap but there is a really really good mellow hiphop song called "used to love her". it is my favorite song by them! the others i don't like so much but i dont really like hardcore rap...

then there are the obvious ones:

JJ lin-pop

Jay Chou-pop

Wang li Hom-pop



HeBe (from SHE)-pop

I think you have quite the list to test out now. Let me know if you want some more names... happy listening~

Now that I think about it, I haven't been exposed to much Chinese music outside of pop, love songs, and some singing over light acoustic guitar.  I have found that Chinese girls seem to love Avril Levine for some reason which is kinda funny to me but w/e

If you're at KTV with some older people this song will get you some applause, the male part is ridiculously easy (to remember at least) 纤夫的爱

If you're with a younger crowd go with the ever whiny Jay Chou (珊瑚海 )

If I'm singing to myself as I'm walking around I like 溫柔 by 五月天

"不知道 不明了 不想要 为什么 我的心" I also like



Forever Love


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