What are your favorite free apps for learning Chinese pinyin and basic Chinese characters online?

Any input will be appreciated:) Have fun learn Chinese and listening to Chinese songs!

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I find the WCC dictionary very good to use :


You are at a karaoke / dance in a North American Chinatown and you hear the karaoke singer singing a song with the main line   " hok6 saang1 go1 "

and then you see the karaoke machine displays the title across the big flat screens " 許冠傑 - 学生哥 " !!

What can you do ? You know this language is most probably Cantonese, the defacto language of most North American Chinatowns.

You can use the application “Cantodict” on your smart device that will translate the Chinese characters into both Mandarin pinyin and Cantonese “pinyin”, plus it gives you an English translation.

You type the line 許冠傑 - 学生 into Cantodict's input window, then press the “parse” button.

In the output window you will see ( characters, Cantonese pinyin, Mandarin pinyin, English ):

許冠傑  heoi2 gun1 git6  xu3 guan4 jie2  -  Samuel Hui
学生  hok6 saang1   xue2 sheng5  -  student; pupil
 go1 go1*4   ge1  -  elder brother

Now you know what the name of the song is in English. It is “ Student Brothers “. Also there is an expansion function for more meanings of each of the characters to help get the most perfect translation possible and it helps improve your understanding of each of the characters.

Cantodict is found at this link here:


Hi Thomas,

Thank you for the suggestions:) The two websites look very interesting and useful. Thank you for taking the time! I am looking for some apps for my students to practice basic pinyin as well as basic characters. Learning Chinese can be pretty tedious, however, I would like to add some tools to make the learning fun.

Have fun there, and thank you again!


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