Introducing QTalk you to

Hello, I first introduced the 2 programs I use to study chinese a month or so back in a discussion


Our Chinese teacher Terry老师 (Taiwan) has made this instruction video for Chinese language learners who are scared of QTalk because it is all in Chinese. Below are his words, so lets not let his efforts go to waste, please watch  :-)

"It spent me a lot of time to complete."

You can google QQtalk or QT语音房间 (Room number: 3110393)

A lot of people are using QQ ( to supplement their Chinese learning, but many do not know that the same company that made QQ 腾讯 (téng xùn) also have a voice chat program (it's quite new).  It's not always convenient to meet up with Chinese friends or make arrangements with language exchange partners, so I find this chatroom very useful. When ever you have spare time to practice just login and see who is there. There are also scheduled lessons and practice offered by volunteers which are freely available for everyone.

I find a lot of people are scared or too shy to speak the language they are learning (me included 囧) but I think we should all be bold and brave. Don't be afraid of making mistakes 不要怕说错 or saying things in the wrong tone as the Chinese natives there will help correct your mistakes (and you correct theirs)

The people in Yellow or Red are those who have volunteered to help, so don't be afraid to ask them for help :-)

Anyone who wants to practice their spoken Chinese skills I'm sure will find the benefit in such a chat room, it can also help you to work on your listening skills, simply by listening to Chinese people speaking naturally.

Mon 03/12/2012 English lesson with David老师 - - A Chinese learner who volunteers to teach English

This is for people who want to learn/help others learn languages, make friends and/or learn about different countries and their cultures. If you have free time to offer your help please do, we function with help from nice people like yourself :-)

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Wow!  This is a great post!  Thanks for the info, video and screenshots.  I've got to try this out soon. 

Hey KayKeri,

Any help for Mac users?  I'm getting a message that says this is just for windows, but I don't want to believe it : (

Sikora, to my knowledge they only have the windows version so far, very sorry. I have met a few people who couldn't use it because they used a Mac. They say there is a way to run Windows on a Mac but I think it's quite inconvenient because you would have to keep switching back and fourth. 腾讯(Téngxùn)Tencent the company that makes QQ are massive in the communication game in China (so I'm told) so I'm sure they will have a Mac and an English version pretty soon, well I hope :-)

It is a really good program to practice on though, maybe a bit better for us Chinese learners who only have a few to a class, more times than not even 1-many Chinese volunteers. Don't forget you can still use the QQ groups to practice and meet language partners (if you don't already).



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