1. QQ International: http://www.imqq.com/

This is China's largest online network, literally every person in China has a QQ account. This instant messaging client is free to download. It supports premium features such as free video & voice chat, real time translator, as well as many user defined text chatrooms used to keep in contact with or make new friends.


QQ has both an international version (English Interface) and a Chinese version (Chinese Interface). The Chinese version of course has more features than the international Version, but if you can't read Chinese just yet, stick with the International version then work your way up.


Some QQ Groups to get you started

Chinese-English 134191792

Chinese learning 236301611


The realtime chatrooms mean you can ask questions and have someone answer you straight away, depending on who is online at the time. These rooms hold anywehre from 100-500 people, so there will always be someone online ;-)


2. QQ Talk (QT语音房间) http://qt.qq.com/

 This is a voice chatroom software made by the same company (Also free to download), and as such use the same log-in details, which is very convenient.

Just like any chatroom sofware if you have ever used one, just login, enter the chatroom and talk to who ever is there. This program is especially great for our language learning purposes. You can create sub chatrooms/Classrooms. Each room has functions such as line up (only person at the head of the queue can speak), everyone can speak etc. You can save text, links etc in the announcement area, perfect for the days lessons.


They have recently updated and now you are able to post images into the room, so you don't have to try and explain anything just find the right image.  There are other features, but I'll leave you to discover those on your own :-)


1.Download QQ Talk (Green button to download)
2.Login: QQ Password & ID
3.Enter the room number 3110393
Note: This program is in Chinese, but it is pretty simple to use. If people not learning the language can use it, so can you :-)

These voice chatrooms are totally free and function soley on the efforts of good people who volunteer their time and energy to help others learn. Great for those who find it hard to find people to practice with.


This is not only a place to learn, but also a place to form good friendships, I hope this can be of help to you all!  


                            "A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study"

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QT is very intresting! but i can't figure out how to serch for new rooms, if anybody knows how to use this program please help me! 


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