can someone translate these two sentences to english:



thank you very much!

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This is Wans. I am a Chinese, but I did not understand them.

Two sentences do not look like Chinese. (1) Chinese are usually short. It doesn't like long sentences. (2) 2001年11月08日 should be 2001年11月8日. 08日 is not the correct way. (3) There is no subject in both sentences. 


I think it has something to do with registered permanent residence, which means "户口”.

Phrases after the Chinese character ”因“ are reasons that would be printed on the ”户口本“ to show the way or an option of related policies through which you could be received by the new place where you'd live after this modification.

"大中专学生” means that he/she was given a chance to change his/her permanent residence registeration to the place where his/her college stood and he/she can move it back after graduation.

"父母与子女“ means that he/she was received by the administrative office where his/her father or mother has been living.  


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