One of the reasons I learn Chinese is to be able to read 红楼梦 in Chinese. I've learned Chinese now for one and a half year and I think now it is time to start reading it.

I'm aware that this is not an easy enterprise. But maybe someone of you could give me tips on making the approach. I have determined myself to at least to read and understand one sentence a day.

I appreciate every tip that you can give me.

Or maybe there are more fans of 红楼梦 out there and we can share the joy of reading it.



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I am glad to know that you have such motivation to read that classic :) I tried to finish that book, but I never got to finish it :( If you would like to experience one of the best parts of Hong Lou Meng, then you seriously need to listen to this --  曹雪芹 Cao Xueqin 红豆词 Hong dou ci   Enjoy!!!


It's a good read but really... confusing.


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