I would like an opinion on how the western culture has affected and changed the traditional Chinese culture. Was it a good or bad thing and what do you think the future of China will be like.

I myself feel that the western culture has made a huge negative impact on the Chinese. I've been here almost a year now and I'm seeing everything in the western culture leak into the Chinese youth. All of the traditional values are disappearing from China. I feel that China is just trying to become the next rich and powerful country on the planet. They are letting money consume their traditional values and are forgetting what they have fought against for so long. The western culture to me isn't a good thing. It's just a capitalist society that dictates the country by word of the corporations. There is constant corruption in government and as most know "Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely"

Thank you!

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Brian, I had the same feeling when I've been to China last year. But this problem started long ago. As for me is a dramatic combination between the  traditionalist confucianist inspired mentality and the capitalist lifestyle. people are swallowed by technology and industrialization . They walk on the roads like robots, with their nose in that Iphone, on weixin. MAny young people  try to leave the China for further studies in the western countries.

They did not adapt as well as the JApanese when it came to borrowing western concepts and assimilating. Regardless of what they say.

For me it was a bit chaotic. But...let's not forget the beautiful part...they still have very interesting traditions and respect their families more than the westerners. They have a very ambitious character and a strong mentality, very rational and optimistic mostly.  They have amazing touristic atractions and they have built great great things and invented a lot of great stuff. I think it's useless to remember the food, and how cheap you can stuff yourself. And all those interesting festivals!. I think nowadays every civilized country deals with the same problem ...the difference in China is that there is a large population and thus this problem became more obvious and disturbing...let's not forget about pollution .









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