Where is the teacher ? 他退休了吗? He got retired ?
Well, no more news ... We all miss him ! Teacher Benny please come back !

现在信号弹每半个小时发一次。可是,老师没有回来。所以咱们把老师失踪的消息告诉了你们。而且咱们加入寻找, 在方圆2000公里内仔细寻找,一块石头,一根草都不放过。飞机起飞100架次,低空飞行,大面积寻找。

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We are still mourning the loss of the "black belt teacher" as we used to call him. Undoubtedly, the video "function words" will remain the unrivaled masterpiece in the future for the next generations, establishing the style for which the man is best known.

《Dear teacher, we shall spend nights and days typing "ask benny chinese" in all the search bars on the web !》


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