On my third year studying chinese in a course but whilst i study a lot feel my chinese character recognition and conversational chinese is not good enough to move onto Level 4.

Was thinking of self study for a year before i move onto Level 4 or would i be better off doing a refresher course? Any thoughts on experiences with online tutoring?

Also any thoughts on best way to improve conversational skills? I suspect character writing is just lots of practice!

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Being in 3rd year would be really exciting , your Chinese would be great so far , cause you've studied for about 3 years , I think you'd better continue study , even self study. And about improving you're 口语 use speaking techniques like speaking in front of a mirror or speaking to yourself, watching movies or series, and try to speak with your self about that movie

Many thanks for your supportive comments. Actually my language teacher has just said Level 4 will be fine as even though the textbook will be all in characters now, there are translations so should pick it up quickly. Slowly moving away from pinyin to characters. At least I have the summer to get some practice. Conversation is harder but will try to do more practice here. Need to be a lot more vocal in the lessons but seem to forget all the words when I need them.

my pleasure . i know what you  mean . forgetting words while you need them , its normal an will happen to any one who try to learn a new language , like me , however, do not forget that Chinese is the hardest  language because of its unnumbered characters :)

and you know there is no way to learn but practice a lot . so lets start from now . i'm  beginner but im sure we'll make it together . lets start

我们 说汉语吧 ! 好吗?


本星期 从 上 课 开始 的 三 及 但 我 的 汉子 要 练习!
你好,冒昧地打扰下,我来自中国辽宁AND I AM A GIRL,非常高兴能找到这样一个网站。我现在在练习英语口语,想找一位想练习汉语口语的language partner,我们可以一起进步!如果你有什么汉语方面的问题也可以问我。我觉得提高口语最快捷的方法就是不停地说,最好是和native Speaker 对话,而且不要怕犯错,我就特怕说错。

您好 NING ZHAN 。 我叫 茉莉 我是 英语老师 。我刚才开始教英语 。 我也 想要 一位 汉语口语 的 合伙人。 我们可以 交 好朋友 。

if you like to practice English just let me know . i want to practice Chinese 口语 too .

你可以 教 我 汉语 , 我可以 教你 英语 。我们 合作 :D

你好, 我 不 懂 句 但 我 想 交 的 華人. 對不起!

請 你 幫 我 翻譯 一下 好 嗎?


对不起 , 你 说的话 我 看 不 懂 你可以 用 英语 再说吧 ?

I meant to say

I dont understand the sentence, i would like to make friends with chinese people.

Please could you help me translate

对不起! I had my keyboard set to use traditional characters!

sorry i'm not Chinese , i have been studied Chinese for about 1 year ,

no problem , you may change your keyboard  system

and we can practice Chinese together

我们说一点儿汉语, 好吗?

to 马茉莉:
sure,you can cantact me: lovage_ning@hotmail.com


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