Smile: what's the difference between 对。。。微笑 and just 笑

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Is it something to do with smiling at somebody or just plain smiling?

I see no link of the 3 characters 对微笑 using WCC dictionary.

笑 means laugh  ( or smile as a secondary meaning )

微笑 means smile ( or little laugh )

  See this link that uses 笑 as inout to WCC:      

When using  对 as input to WCC dictionary ( and using "more" at bottom to get to the very bottom)   

Also depends on what parts of speech  对 and 微笑   are being used as in a sentence.

For  对 a proposition and 微笑  a noun:


Duì wǒ wéixiào
duì yīgè piàoliang de nǚhái wéixiào

For me smiles
For a pretty girl smiles

I have seen the phrase  面對微笑   Miàn duì wéixiào  and I am puzzled by meaning "Faced with a smile

or meaning "face smiling".


微笑由两个字组成“微”和“笑”,“微”可以看做形容词或是限定词,“微”的含义是 mini , small,gentle



smile at sb  向某某人微笑

laught at sb  这个可能只是向某人笑,也可能是嘲笑某某人吧


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