Hey ok so I am living in China and want to start learning Chinese. I have not been here long (less than two months) and now that I finally have the internet I am going to begin learning. A lot of my questions will be ones which may also be helpful for others who are just beginning to learn.

My first question is can I say zao3 instead of zao3shang4hao3? Is this just a really informal way of saying good morning? Would it be regarded as rude or lazy? I wouldn't do it all the time, but sometimes I just feel like saying zao3 to people..

Thanks for the answers!

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Hey Tony - welcome to china!  I don't know if I've ever actually heard the full zao shang hao "in the real world" in china. everyone i encounter just says 'zao' so i say you're good to use just that. (this might be regional usage though or younger people so if someone else has had a different experience, please chime in.)

Hey Brandon, thanks for the welcome! I am in Changchun and I think your right, zao will be best for informal.

I have just bought a pinyin translator online;


It will arrive by mail in a few weeks and i'll let people know if it is any good or not. Maybe it will be useful for anyone in china who is just beginning Chinese :)

Pinyin translator was no good unfortuantely.. however, I have another question!

I am learning about action verbs and the use of grammatical particles. The example I am using at the moment is; you to where go. I have figured out

Present tense - where are you going; ni dao nar qu(uncompleted action)

Past Tense - where did you go; ni dao nar qu le (completed action)

But future tense is where I am a little stuck. If i wanted to say "where are you going tomorrow", what is the correct structure?

Also, for past tense, if I want to say "where did you go yesterday" do I say "ni dao nar zuo" or "ni dao nar zuo ri"? What is the difference between the two?

Thanks! xD

Hi, Tony, say zao3 is ok, it will not be regarded as rude or lazy, our Chinese people usually use zao3 in metropolis, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, it's save time.

The present sentence: ni dao nar qu.
If you wanted to say "where are you going tomorrow", the correct structure is " ni ming tian dao nar qu?", tomorrow will change into" ming tian(明天).

If you want to say "where did you go yesterday" , you can say " ni zuo ri dao nar qu le?" (completed action) ,  "ni dao nar zuo" or "ni dao nar zuo ri"? are wrong sentences. yesterday will change into "zuo ri (昨日).

Hope my answer can help you understand the Chinese grammar. If you have problems, you can contact me, good luck!

Hi~~ I'm living at Wuqing in Tianjin. Here we say 早(zao3) when saying good morning~~ 


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