I got a friend who is interested in long lists of Chinese sentences.

That's the way he learns Chinese. He said :

"Short stories are not suitable for me, just want sentences with new vocabulary".

Ok . I've thought : "it must be boring".

(However, his level is now better than mine...)

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Perhaps the younger you are the more the "intensive exposure" works ... (That friend is younger than me and my brain is no more like a spounge which absorbs a great amount of information).

And the good point for him : he can describe and comment on lots of things because he already memorized so much vocabulary ! In my case, there are many unknown words and I often can't build my sentences to create a conversation ... and according to me, we need to create a dialog to exchange with anybody.

Yes, learning sentence by sentence is different from learning character by character, you can consider that a sentence is indeed a tiny kind of story, with something expressed, with feelings ...

So, as I am concerned, this keeps on bringing up questions about the relevance of the method ! My friend follows a more effective path maybe. I still don't know.

I'm going to stick to the lessons and the short stories ... Currently reading "a real mystery in Lopnur" (justlearnchinese.com) with the help of an "all-in-one" page of mine ...

Who is using a SRC (spaced repetition system) ? Do you think it can boost your long-term memory ? (see my posts about Anki)


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