Hi folks,

Someone is asking me for 1 on 1 Chinese speaking class (remote) since it's very difficult to find a Chinese tutor where he lives. I don't offer this kind of class, but I believe some of you may have experience on that (either as a learner, or as a teacher).

I know there are elearning web site offer this kind of class. But I don't have first hand information to evaluate their quality and credibility.

Could you please give me some recommendations or share your experience? If you yourself offer this kind of class, please let me know.

The speaking level is about intermediate, thanks for your help!!



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i am interested to teach hebrew 1-1 on skype and the basic of chinese for absolute beginners.
i am looking for opportunities to find students.places like: "italki","boddy school"  etc.

do you have ideas hoe to proceed it?

Orni, good to know you do offer beginner tutoring on Chinese and hebrew!

But this requester is already at an intermediate or upper level. He can watch and understand Chinese tv and movie, but need to sharpen his speaking before he moves to China I think.

Thanks for your info though!

thank you.
maybe one day i will be able to teach more advance chinese.now i am still a student,only can teach the basics.

You'll be there, orni, believe me. As long as you don't give up.

We're all here for you.


many thanks!

Sorry to bother you but I'm in love with China, and I was wondering if Jackie Chan is really popular in China?And is he really a kung fu master.

Well, yes, Jackie Chan is very popular in China. The only difference is he's much more standout outside of China than any other Chinese movie stars.

His kung fu is really good. I think he's qualified for a master. I can't do kung fu myself, so my judgement might not be that valuable. :-)) That being said, Jet Li is a real master of kung fu. That is something I know for sure. He was selected from kung fu training school to take the main role in movie 少林寺, which was the very first kung fu movie, also a big success in mainland China in the 80's. His kung fu was real, and also one of the top.

Hey Grace, just wanted to let you know your website JustLearnChinese.com is amazing! I've been studying Chinese for three years and I'm like in love with it and plan to move to Beijing. Sorry I don't have an answer for you I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate all that you do for people who are learning Chinese. And by the way, your English is really good.

Oh, thank you so much for your kind words, 大明!

I'm already excited for you about your plan - moving to Beijing! Wow, that has to be a BIG decision. Please, keep us posted with your progress down that path.

I only stayed in Beijing for a very short period of time many years ago. Life there was quite different from where I grew up (Kunming). But I do have a few close friends from Beijing and they all enjoyed life there.

My English? A little struggle here, a little struggle there, but after all trying my best to stay fluent. :-)

Hi Grace - 

If the person is only looking for classes (and no online program), then it's very easy on www.italki.com - they can search for teachers, see ratings and then set up lessons directly over skype. Many teachers have a 'trial class' option so they can try a few people first before choosing a teacher.

If they want more learning materials, then I would recommend www.chinesepod.com - they have the best audio content hands down and also offer 1on1 tutors to supplement the program.

Best of luck.

This is very helpful, thanks Brendon! I've passed on your info to him.



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