So I noticed some cultural differences lately. We tend to be more 'polite' when asking for service in the US. Usually saying please and thank you to a waitress is common practice, at least in the Midwest. In China it seems more common to simply state what you want. I mean you can yell for the 服务员from across the room and its normal. So, I was wondering what some common 'polite' expressions would be. 

I have come across 要是您方便 and the use of 吧at the end of sentences. For example, 服务员,要是您方便,再来一盘豆腐吧。

Was wondering what some of your experiences/thoughts are on this.

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服务员,要是您方便,再来一盘豆腐吧。 That is very polite, and good usage of ba to soften the tone. Excellent!!!!


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