New Members - What is a word that you have learned recently?

This is a topic designed for New Members.

Just add a comment below with a Chinese word that you learned recently. 


"I just had my first class so we learned Ni Hao, hello" or "I listened to a Chinese podcast a few days where I learned Robot 机器人 jī qì rén"

You can use pinyin or characters, whichever is better for your level. If you want to look up the word to make sure you have it right you can use

So what is a word that have you learned recently?

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Ji for a girl means hooker, so does it for a boy even more relevant on humiliating his sex ability?

What's the word for samurai?

Hi Traci - I think this is what you're looking for courtesy of

武士武士wǔ shì/ warrior / samurai /

七武士七武士Qī wǔ shì/ Seven Samurai (movie) /

切腹切腹qiē fù/ harakiri (formal Japanese: seppuku), a samurai's suicide by disemboweling /

武士道武士道wǔ shì dào/ bushidō or way of the warrior, samurai code of chivalry /

鐮倉幕府镰仓幕府Lián cāng mù fǔ/ Kamakura bakufu 1192-1333, the first Japanese samurai shogunate /

Oh, that's great, Brandon! Thank you! I've been derelict in my Mandarin lessons but am inspired by reading a bit of Chinese history, specifically

I do realize the samurai are Japanese, but we're all warriors of some type or another, even those of us learning a new language. :)

awesome =  厉害 ( or trad. 厲害) = Lìhài

but  害厉 = Hài lì =?= Harm Li ?

a reversal I use to do in Cantonese Cafes:  hoh mie = taste good , mie hoh = somebody's name ??

I  did a spelling reversal.  It should be "hoh mei" and corresponds to Mandarin "hǎo měi".

This is just a trial, I have no idea what I'm doing.

de jiābīn

qǐng yǔnxǔ wǒ jièshào yīxià dàochǎng de jiābīn

I am aware of the;

'Please allow me to introduce' (qǐng yǔnxǔ wǒ jièshào) and the;

'guests' (de jiābīn) but the understanding of 'yīxià dàochǎng'  alludes me!

Yīxià goes with jièshào to soften it. You can use yīxià with many verbs for this purpose. I didn't know dàochang3 (sorry can't do third tone diacritic) but MDBG says it means "present" as in "present company."

I started studying Mandarin yesterday. It's shame the only word I know is "你好". To be honest, my English is not good too but I want to improve the most here in Brazil.

Here is a phrase that will be good for you Priscila.  I have to use it often when I am learning.

wǒ bù míngbái  (I do not understand).

Heh well everyone, i think everywhere, starts chinese out with nihao. welcome priscila & good luck. here's another one to learn, as i'm sure any native speakers will very quickly ask you where are you from?

巴西 - Bāxī - Brazil

你知道汉语说Rio de Janeiro 吗?


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