New Members - What is a word that you have learned recently?

This is a topic designed for New Members.

Just add a comment below with a Chinese word that you learned recently. 


"I just had my first class so we learned Ni Hao, hello" or "I listened to a Chinese podcast a few days where I learned Robot 机器人 jī qì rén"

You can use pinyin or characters, whichever is better for your level. If you want to look up the word to make sure you have it right you can use

So what is a word that have you learned recently?

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Hey SteveB - most computers these days will allow you to add another input language. I've done it for both mac & pcs although both were usually less than 3 years old. You should try searching on how to enable chinese language then type in your operating system. 


Thanks Brandon! I finally installed Google IME pinyin. My computer can't actually read the characters in the dialogue boxes but I can input characters as you can see above.

Only took 3 minutes searching to find a solution so thanks for reminding me to get off my butt and get going :)

I also downloaded the new 60 page pdf of chinese in 20 questions and will definitely be having a good look at that soon!

Thanks for the link.  Looks like another great learning resource.

Yeah I find Memrise fantastic too!

But mainly use it to learn characters for words I already know how to say. I find it easier to learn a word in context, and then use memrise for the writing part.

the last word I learned to say was

抑   郁   症

yì  yù   zhèng

it means 'depression'

I was explaining to my partner why I was sad: "抑郁症"

One of my regular drivers taught me a cool phrase this week: 人生得一知己足矣 rén shēng dé yī zhī jǐ zú yǐ (I think that's right - correct me if not!) It means something like "to have one deep friendship in a lifetime is fulfillment enough". The word "知己" means a very close friend, and I like it!

Nice Tanya - was the driver talking about you or just making conversation ? Reminds me of that long-term longitudinal study of harvard grads from the where they ultimately found that the strength of one's relationships was the strongest predictor for long term happiness...

I had just finished up an evening catching up with some great friends, some who were visiting from out of town, and he taught me this phrase in response :)

Hi guys hi Brandon. Thanks for founding tis website :) I'm a beginner. The lastest word I have learned was in a video in SMC :) it's haili. Sorry I dunt remember da Chinese character. But it means awsome :) I bet u were at least 1 time called haili by Chinese people as hearing u speak in Chinese :) if not, believe they thought so ^^ hope to be friends n learn Chinese tgt. 你们都 haili. Have a nice day guys

Hi Tran Thi Ngoc Hanh - sure thing, welcome. hope you enjoy the site. if someone says anything positive i've learned the proper 'chinese way' to respond to a compliment is by saying 'nali nali' as in 'where, where?' implying you don't believe a person could be complementing you so much.

nali nali only works until you get to a more fluent level, at which point they laugh at you for saying it!!! i got teased for being "too modest" as telling me my chinese was good wasn't flattery, it was truth. 过奖 guò jiǎng (le) - meaning "you're over-praising me" works better for me now. 

Today I got one stuff. I learned about animals. One of them was "ji" = chicken. I really like chicken then later when I talked to mah friend, he's Chinese Malay. I called him: xiao ji = small chicken. And he said it has bad meaning.

But you know he's mah closed friend then always tease me before like trying to teach me "bad words" in Chinese and made me embarrassed so many times for it that I could not believe him in teaching me Chinese anymore lol except sometime he's serious

Then I juz wonder if "xiao ji" means bad meaning really. Cuz he seems serious but...who knows :D

Thanks Brandon


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